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  1. 2 minutes ago, BigTed3 said:

    4th line has looked bad most of the year. McCarron didn't adjust well to playing there. Hemsky was awful. Des La Froese is just brutal, all of them. Terry is not an answer. Mitchell was traded. I'll take Carr, I'll take Scherbak if healthy, and I'll take Shaw at center down there when Lehkonen's back... but in its current incarnation, those aren't NHL quality players. Even if you're a 4th liner, you still have to be able to score 6-8 goals a year. These players don't look capable of even that.

    I am hoping Scherbak can get on one of the top two lines

  2. 4 hours ago, maas_art said:

    Yes, start an argument, lose an argument - complain about the platform of the argument. Sounds about right.   The only person who came in here negative & guns-a-blazing was you.  Go back and read the thread. 

    And when you say 'fact' but then you post inaccurate stats, expect to be called on it.  


    I didn't "start an argument".  I made comments about Max's replies to the interviewer that I thought were shocking, and several people disagreed.  Of those who disagreed, only you were Edit.   Not sure where you think I lost the argument..  

  3. 36 minutes ago, HabsAlways said:

    A fair enough assessment of his comment ... however, I dislike that he made the comment at all.    When you're struggling or in a dry spell you don't point fingers at the other 2 players on your line.   To me this just reinforces my impression that Patches is a prima dona and a bigger problem than Subban ever was or could have been.    He has no personal accountability it seems and consistently has some "excuse".     He's a good top 6 winger ... probably a 1st line winger on most teams.    But he is light years away from being the dominant offensive player that makes other teams sit up and notice.        To me he's your 3rd guy on the top line, not your top 2.


    this relates to what I have been trying to say.  The comments were inopportune and one just piled on top of the other, like excuses and sour grapes.  Who cares if the first line was getting the better matchups.  Why would he say that in an interview?  And, like I said, when he had those breakaways that he shot right into the goalie, was that also the matchups issue or was that Max the perfectionist trying too hard?  

  4. I don't think your referring to Byron and Galchenyuk as being on the first line and having fewer points than Max is quite fair, given that both have spent a lot of the season on the 4th line, while Max has been on the first and second lines all year.  But note they have almost as many points in spite of that!    So you seem just as guilty as I in stating facts which don't hold up well to scrutiny.   Apparently my biggest mistake seems to be questioning your "facts" or their relevance to the argument.  

  5. 7 minutes ago, maas_art said:

    Unless you're talking about a period, yes a single game is about as small a sample size as one can get.  Kind of a riduculous argument when you're basing it as your reasoning against a guy who has scored more goals than all but 5 other players in the NHL over the past 5-6 years. 


    Uh... what?  Pacioretty has 12 points.  Drouin 15. Galchenyuk 10 and Byron 9.   How does he have "fewer points than everyone on the first line except Galchenyuk" work?  




    I think I'm getting a sense of why this board has very few posters

    One thing you might try is to listen to somebody's arguments as if they might actually have some validity, rather than ridicule them every chance you get.  Then you might find yourself having interesting discussions with people other than yourself and the three friends who agree with you.   For instance, yes it's just one game, but they were all in a multigame slump.  A change is made and suddenly Drouin and Galchenyuk are succeeding, while Max is making excuses like saying he is a perfectionist who doesn't handle periods in his own end very well.  

  6. It's a small samples size but yes it is a fact that as soon as moved him away from Drouin and Galchenyuk, that line combined for 2 of the 3 goals against Buffalo.  

    He has more points than anyone on that line except Drouin is another way of saying he has fewer points than everyone on the first line except Galchenyuk I suppose.

    No points in 6 games.   

  7. other than he doesn't seem to be taking any responsibility while making a lot of excuses, combined with the fact that he isn't producing while the 1st line magically is producing without him, no, nothing at all.  How about the next time he goes in on a breakaway or a shootout he actually doesn't shoot it right at the goalie?  But then maybe it was the line matchups.

  8. I still can't get over the 8+ mill in cap space that could have been used to sign Markov or Radulov and is now just sitting there.  It's psychologically bad and if you took that much away from any contending team it could turn them into a non contender.  How are they supposed to succeed like this?

  9. Did anyone read this article


    The more I read, the more my jaw dropped.  It was one offensive comment after another from this guy.  Just a few examples

    1) making fun of the Grey Cup

    2) saying that he didn't do well with Chucky and Drouin because they are both perimeter players.  He said he tried to drive to the net but it's not really his style

    3) saying that the Chucky Drouin Byron line benefited from good matchups to explain why they carried the team Sat night

    4) saying he is a perfectionist and playing in his own end like he had to so much lately makes it hard to cash in when he gets a scoring chance


  10. I know the argument that Subban was perhaps too "up" when they were losing all those games, but he did seem to put on his best effort every night.  He did make mistakes but those were partly because nobody was doing anything so he had to carry the puck so much.  Perhaps the other guys were more upset about losing after the game, but it would have been nice if they played like that during the game.  

  11. Just now, BigTed3 said:

    Or Hudon. Or Gallagher even. I think CJ saw it as a chance to get Pacioretty going but that just makes it worse... now Max is going to feel stressed that he caused us to lose.

    it wasn't a good choice.  You go with either the hot hand or the guy who is better on the shootout.  Hudon would have been a gutsy choice and well deserved as he is playing well


    I know he did hit the post but Byron used to score at will on a breakaway or shootout.  He seems to have lost his touch

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