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  1. Remember during that brief winning streak when Shaw looked like he was finally worth half his salary. Yeah I think that wasn't the real Shaw
  2. Good effective play is contagious, as is poor play. I'm pretty sure Drouin would be doing better if he was still waith Tampa and Sergachev wouldn't be as effective with the Habs
  3. well, we have had 4 PPs and done squat. I consider the last penalty kill alone to be a moral victory
  4. it sure looks that way. I blinked after the goal and Deslaurier was back on the ice again! He may lead the forwards in ice time
  5. they hitched their wagon to that "system" and we are all reaping the consequences. Problem is, they are all getting richer and we are just unhappy fans
  6. what on earth is Deslauriers out there killing a penalty. Ridiculous! Unless they are trying to lose...not that they have to try
  7. wow Morrow blew two chances to do something with the PP in the last 30 seconds. This was the worst example but the Habs in general handle the puck on the PP like it's a hot potato. They pass it not to make a good play but just so they don't lose it
  8. actually they often come out strong in the early going, but typically shoot blanks, so eventually the opponent takes over and doesn't shoot blanks
  9. I'm thinking of Reggie Houle who used to trade for former Habs long after their shelf life, among his many foibles
  10. It seems that the opponent generally wears down the Habs D over the course of the game. That seems to be happening now
  11. you'd think with all the low end tinkering that has gone on, that the Habs would have a 4th line that is not utterly terrible
  12. well, Pacioretty was really doing a world of good lying on the ice the last few seconds. At least sprawl in front of the net
  13. I wonder what Bergie thinks of Subban turning the Habs inside out, directly leading to the tying goal
  14. wow what a terrible team. The score may have been close but the outcome was never in doubt. Even if Habs had tied it, they would have blown it quickly. I guess the best thing is for them to keep losing, especially if they play like this. I know this team struggles to score, but De La Rose with 2 minutes left????? Every time he had the puck in the offensive zone he just left it there
  15. I pray it's true, if Habs can get a couple of key pieces for him and have it cost about the same amount cap wise. One has to be a strong scoring forward. the other has to be a strong puck moving D. No Alzners or DLRs please! But, you know, even getting one of those pieces and a solid prospect or draft pick might be ok if it means they don't have that horrible albatross of a contract!
  16. that may be but he hasn't really done much to get anyone else going in the last few years, so I'm not sure why anyone would be rotated to his line, and how it would benefit them. Byron, par contre, has done pretty well whomever he is with. Started the season on tghe 4th line even though he was one of the only 20 goal scorers last year, and last I looked he is producing at a similar clip this year
  17. clearly from this discussion there are plenty of people who are not downplaying his memory, so don't feel so badly for him. He has done pretty well for himself.
  18. I remember when they signed him to his first big contract maybe 8 years ago, and there was a sports commentary on TV to the effect that the Canadiens have "settled". Not very strong, not very fast, not very good shot, not very big. Good but not great. While he has been great at times and in certain situations, he rarely really brought it over the course of a grueling playoff run. Like Markov and Price, he got you to the playoffs and was then broke your heart by failing to elevate his game above regular season form, and that's being kind
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