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  1. I have never been a big fan.  He has rarely shown up when needed most, eg in the playoffs.  He seems happy these days to collect his big money and steer clear of difficult situations on the ice.  He shoots when he should pass, passes when he should shoot, and just generally looks clueless offensively while, as others have pointed out, management clings to the idea that he is defensively responsible, while failing to see that he may be responsible but is at this point unable to compete.  This is the longest serving member of the team, and when things have gone south in recent years, he just doesn't step up and make his teammates better let alone himself.  Uninspiring

  2. At this point any deal Bergevin makes will be a bad one, as he can't make a good one anymore even when in a position of strength.  Right now he will be taken advantage of so badly it will set the team back even further.  Molson needs to step in.  Bergevin has taken the team several strides backwards without a prospect of  getting much better at any point in the future

  3. I had the misfortune of being in Toronto Saturday night visiting a friend (I live in Bruins country), and the added misfortune of being in a bar while Toronto was humiliating the Habs for the first of no doubt many times in the years to come.  It was a pretty humbling experience and, although the fans were getting on my nerves, I totally got that it's their time now.  Habs ownership has settled for incompetence for too many years now.  Building a team around Price kept them respectable but nothing more.  Now that is gone.  On the one hand, they shouldn't be doing this terribly with the talent they do have;  on the other hand, they have gotten worse while quite a few of their rivals have improved.  Does anyone remember MacGuire's rant after they lost to Rangers last year's playoffs?  It is looking like he was right on the money

  4. I can't remember the last time a review went the Habs way

    such a frustrating game to watch.  between the 2 disallowed goals there were so many chances to score where it looked like a sure goal and the puck hopped over a stick, was shot wide, or shot right into Dubnyk.

    Also frustrating to watch Minn hemming the Habs in their own end most of the night.  When they would get possession in their own end they generally assisted Min in getting the possession back.

    Finally - Price, Drouin and Weber out.  That's like 20+ mill right there.  Add in the 8.5 they haven't spent and you get the expected results on the ice

  5. one negative aspect to this recent spurt is that MB will be back to thinking (knowing) that he has assembled a good team.  They have been overachieving the last few games as they were underachieving before.  It's pretty hard to even make the playoffs with a team that is 8.5 mill under the cap.  The sad part is that with all his overspending on D, right now it's looking like the D is where most improvement is needed!  

  6. On 11/4/2017 at 3:39 PM, habs_93 said:

    I advocated for trading Price last year not because I dislike him (he's my favourite player on the team, and has been so for nearly a decade) or because I had some kind of special insight into his play/health or analytical product. I did so because of the salary cap and simple probability. Teams don't win in a hard cap league by having as much money as we do in a few players. Teams basically don't win without significant numbers of their key impact players being on entry level contracts, either, but that's a discussion for another day. There was no realistic scenario where we could resign Price and be as good as we were, let alone better off. On top of that, goalies generally peak around these years, and Carey's performance in the last few years has been highly outside the league mean. Unusual results are unlikely to continue, regardless of an apparent trend. The team obviously thought they'd continue to get 5-on-5 goaltending nearly one and a half standard deviations over the league mean, which was an incredibly inadvisable thing to do.

    There's no good solutions anymore, thanks to our front office's aggressive denial of reality.

    I agree he should have been traded, more to avoid overpaying than anything else.  The team as constructed cannot win anything even with a healthy Price, so why tie up so much money in his salary.  Most Cup wins in recent years have done so with  a good goalie who rose to the occasion, not a great one who stood on his head, which so far Price hasn't done in the playoffs anyway  


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