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  1. 22 hours ago, habs1952 said:

    The odd game yes and when he has he's led the team and had a great game. But I think most of those games were before he became captain. For him I think the captaincy has become an anchor.

    I agree totally.  A few years ago he was a very responsible player defensively who got physically involved.  Since becoming captain, less so.  There may be other reasons, but for me he simply lets the stress of the job get to him too much.  His recent comments both in the playoffs and in the past week seem like a cry for help to me.  The thing that I think would help him most would be to strip off the C, but doing it diplomatically of course, as a win-win for all

  2. even if there are drug issues, why do off ice problems seem to happen more with Habs players, or at least turn into a distraction more often with Habs?  I think Habs fail in every aspect of player development, and they need to shoulder some of the blame for these types of problems.  Where is the nurturing?  These guys are basically kids when they arrive

  3. I fear the Habs peaked way too early in the season (around end of March), fatigue/injuries started to take it toil in April, leading to breakdown in the playoffs.

    The urgency this year was to make the playoffs after last year's shocker. But once that was achieved in the win over Buffalo, it seemed the pressure was off and the players couldn't step up any further. It was like they had given their all and had nothing left to dig deeper.

    It's really about pacing.

    good points, although verging on positive :)

    I will say that their collapse had at least as much to do with other teams stepping it up. It's like they knew what they needed to do all along against teh Habs, but didn't see the point of pushing the issue that much early in the season, since getting in the defence's face and in the crease and hitting every Hab that moves does take some energy, but it's obvious that all those tactics pay off when the rubber meets the road

  4. my big fear is that, as much as the culture has changed under new management, this is still a very fragile team from the goaltenders on out. Looks at the teams who advanced in the playoffs. They have the confidence to overcome soft goals and bad calls, kill a penalty, play a solid 3rd period to come back or hold a lead, make a hit, take a hit, get in the goalie's kitchen, push an opponent out of the goalie's kitchen, etc. On an individual level, there were few players that really rose to the level of elite in that series, that took their play to a totally new level beyond where it was during the season. Few players in the zone that many of the remaining players enter routinely to make the difference between winning and losing. Honestly the late season fold and playoff collapse were more devastating to me that 2011-2012 in many ways. I'm not sure how excited I should get the next time they tear up the regular season, because they are beating up on the SE division and other teams who wisely don't bring their A game until it really matters.

  5. All games are equally important. I say keep alternating with Budaj during this intense stretch. A bacup goalie is sometimes needed to spot the number 1 not just when injured but also when off his game, which Price definitely is. Still, as others have said, the defense was pretty bad. Most Islander goals were scored when a player was allowed into the slot scott free. But the winning goal should have been stopped, especially right after the game was tied.

  6. I ws very unhappy with his selection as coach as I never forgave him for the meltdown in the Carolina series but can only give him an A at this point based on the team's record which is so much better than last year, and just the way they are playing. The last 3 years the team really didn't play a lot of quality games during the season. I remember all the moaning in 2009-2010 until that unlikely playoff run, and last year was a virtually unmitigated disaster. Only 2010-2011 was actually a pretty good season but they were unfortunate enough to draw the Bruins first and gave them a very hard time. I'll leave with a paraphrasing of what he said after the 6-0 loss to the Leafs. He said we had a bad game and we are going to look at it and do much better. Normally empty words given by a coach at a press conference, but it appears he may have already seen what needed to be done and he implemented it FAST

  7. well, Ryder would have to be considered for top 3. I would go as far as to say that he was picked part to help us get a few extra points this year on shootouts. But I admit I have not checked his shootout record. He is a shooter and most shootout goals seem to come from shots rather than attempts to deke the goalie. The percentage seem to be better for the scorer when they just let it fly. Of course, we have seen Desharnais do it both ways, but he has unfortunately been a glaring exception among our shootour participants.

    edit: wow he was only 1 of 7 with dallas last year, 1of 5 with Boston year before

    guess I stand corrected, but I will leave the post up anyways :)

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