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  1. It is indeed. I often go to bed right after I put my kids to sleep around 20/21, and sleep for a few hours, watch the game, and sleep a bit more before I go to work If we are playing away vs a team on the west coast, I just put the alarm clock on right before the game starts, watch the game and go to work But tonight it will be hard. 3 in the morning
  2. Hello! My name is David, born in 1977 from Norway, and I've been a fan of the Habs since 1993. Ice hockey has always been a great passion since I put skates on my feet in the early eighties. Apart from hockey, I also love my 2 kids and downhill mountain biking. In 2015, I wathced the Habs live for the first time in my life. That was in Florida, and I saw their games vs the lightning and the panthers. I still havent been in the Bell Centre, and that is one of my biggest dream to watch a game in Montreal.
  3. As a norwegian, and habs fan for almost 3 decades, this is so cool! I wish him all the best in the CH jersey! <3
  4. I'm planning a trip to Montreal next October/November (I'm from Norway), and was wondering if there are any problems getting tickets for an NHL game in Bell Centre? Should I get them online, or should I get them in Montreal when I arrive?
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