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  1. I guess I should say that yeah, we're an exciting team to watch for a change and we should definitely enjoy the ride but eggs and chickens and all that.
  2. I think we might be putting the cart in front of the horse here. We're five games into the season, and yes, we're winning against some lauded contenders but does no one remember the Leaf teams that had terrific Octobers and into Novembers and than the wheels falling off? We're the same kind of team. The Penguins and the Kings of the league will find another gear, the early season rust will come off. We're in tight games now with little mistakes costing us while we're edging out wins with sixty minute efforts. What happens when the skilled teams start making chances? When effort isn't enough? When the little team that could....simply can't? Weber sure looked good in his first couple of games with us. Paul Byron, bless his little engine, is nothing but heart and soul. Heart and soul that's never put up the kind of points we traded away. If we're going anywhere it'll be like years past; Price dragging this team kicking and screaming right across the finish line. The future looks bright, but that's still tomorrow's tomorrow at this point.
  3. To be fair, our younger goalies haven't had "a couple of years without any success", they were actively delayed due to the expansion draft and the Habs needing a goaltender with a contract available for selection. The question those of us that support moving Price are asking isn't "who drags us to the playoffs these next few years" but rather "who helps us three plus years down the road when we're ready to be in playoff conversation". To the first question, yes, Price is undoubtedly the answer. However, the odds of winning it all are at their longest right now. We likely cannot improve them enough... without actually dealing Price to solve another deficiency or two.
  4. Yeah, I don't understand how someone could rationally equate "partying" as being worse than assaulting another person. Full stop. Being good at hockey is one thing, but this team couldn't have looked at Hoffman... Hell this team couldn't take a flyer out on McDavid if this were him in this situation. Everything Bergevin has done is in the name of character. Everything. That's his hill. That's the one he's chosen to fight for and to die on. With all of Bergevin's rhetoric, even talking to Voynov's camp should be cause for termination.
  5. I'll take that bet. We aren't going to have anywhere near as many late game leads he'd need to be able to pot empty netters into.
  6. I've never understood the reasoning that we couldn't play Galchenyuk at Centre because of his defensive liabilities. We went out and acquired a stalwart defender at great cost and are paying a goaltender over ten million dollars. If that doesn't allow us the ability to play a little fast and loose with an offensively minded player how does any team in the league justify it? We were literally starved for goal scoring and Bergevin didn't just look his gift horse in the mouth, he boiled it down to glue and sold it on sale. It was personal, it was ego driven and it was wrong.
  7. Fair points, and while we mostly agree to the over all point, I contest point two. An empty net goal is normally a pretty pointless tally, kinda like the eighth goal in your first example. However, if that empty net goal stands up as the winner, it's absolutely a significant goal. By virtue of the other team scoring, the empty netter is the deciding goal. It's Schrodinger's goal - both worthless and the only goal that mattered [in simplistic, overarching terms].
  8. Game winning goal traditionally refers to the goal that wins the game... So in a 5-2 game, the third goal for the winning team is the game winning goal. By definition, every game winning goal is significant.
  9. I'd love to see Markov retire as a Canadien but Ted's right, the hockey move is to move him with the goal of getting better today. Unless we're able to make an exceptional move built on moving Emelin+ our top four is pretty good as is, with our General out. Windows are larger in Hockey than they are in two of the big four sports in North America, but our time is still winding down. There's no reason to wait unless you believe a more helpful player will be dangled between now and the deadline, but given our needs there's a pretty big upgrade at the center position that we should have the means to acquire with a little creativity.
  10. He still gets to choose where he signs.
  11. I seemed to have missed a pretty key word in at least one of those sentences and I in no way meant to come off as hostile.
  12. That might just be the most uninformative stat ever. Yes, including plus minus. There is absolutely nothing to be gained from making any decisions on such a useless statistic, except a chuckle at the bar. Correlation does not causation. Teams with a goaltender that has won a noticeable amount of games while facing higher than normal shots don't start icing five forwards because it'll up their chance at a win just like we shouldn't take penalties to get Bryon's offense going.
  13. Why? If the organization truly believes that this year was a bust due to Price being out and that Therrien deserves another chance with a full squad how isn't a veteran who could eek out more one goal victories not exactly what they'd be looking for? I shudder at the idea that the Habs keep Therrien into next season but the longer this masquerade is allowed to continue the more I worry that he'll get another kick at the can.
  14. I'm terrified of the Carbonneau pick too as I can see it as both being an audition and it confirms that the language that the coach speaks is still more important than it has any reasonable right to be.
  15. The plan is to be "hard to play against", right? I've got a theory - You know how players say things along the lines of "we went into it knowing it was a big game" ? Maybe, by being so bad, we're attempting to drain any emotion and energy the opposing team can muster. Take away the love of the game and it becomes an actual job.