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  1. This. I noticed his head was completely out of the game.
  2. Boys are taking the fence in defence a little too literally..holes in coverage all over the place. Can't blame Price on either of those...the first one was awful coverage on the change, letting Elias get behind them. Then it was just a beautiful shot top shelf. Second was just a junky goal in front because Diaz played someone else's man instead of his own in front of the net. This is rookie basics...
  3. Yup, Carey's been fine. Our team has forgotten how the play inside our blue line.
  4. Rumours are he's asking for a promise to be bought out after the season. I could see him agreeing to play in Toronto for the year and playoffs and then be able to sign wherever he wants, or just retire.
  5. I think I might too, especially if that D-man was a righty. We have good stock coming up in Tinordi, and with Diaz and Emelin, Subban and Gorges, I think we're in a pretty good position on D for the future.
  6. So, he'll be traded to Pittsburgh then
  7. The tweet said "Sabres asked Pominville to submit a list of 8 teams he does not want to play for" To which my response was, he should have the Sabres on that list.
  8. http://espn.go.com/blog/new-york/hockey/post/_/id/12189/disgusted-torts-rips-rangers-after-loss Tort's provides some comedy. Love this guy.
  9. I was pretty worried about this. Emelin still has that plate in his forehead, that's why he was wearing a cage to start the season because he took a stick in the face or something over in the KHL. That's why he turtled at first but when Chara suckered him in the back of the head that set him off...obviously can't sit there and take it.
  10. Dangerous hit from behind on Pacioretty there...he looked a bit shaken up.
  11. Gallagher should be back soon, maybe we move Gallagher up on the RW with Pacioretty and Desharnais and give Cole some time in the press box.
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