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  1. He is excellent on the PK. His reach is incredibly useful and there's practically no one in the NHL I'd take over Gill in a 5 on 3 situation. But yes, his even strength game varies from passable to brutal. His lack of any sort of speed frequently allows the opposition to skate around him, he can't even turn in time.
  2. Led the Caps in ice-time last night with 23:18.
  3. I thought Spacek looked quite good the other night, him and Diaz compliment each other. Made some solid first passes and played a good board game most of the time.
  4. I miss him already. Steady as clockwork, you could count on him in both ends of the ice, every night.
  5. Big winger you say? I have just the man for the job. His sheer presence will allow Cammalleri to score +70 goals next season, easily. Move over Martin, there's a new coach in town.
  6. Yeah, a two-year deal would've been great. Now we're stuck with Gill for another year... and he isn't getting any faster. I am sure he's great in the locker room and he is great on the PK... but Hammer is more useful than him in ALL other situations. And who's going to replace Hammer's 30+ points?
  7. Very sad to see you go, Roman. You were a rock during the first season I followed the Habs religiously (always been a fan but this season was the first one I followed all the way through, every single game) I wish you the best of luck in Washington, and I pray to god Markov stay healthy when you are not there to carry the D for another year.
  8. I'd love both the Wiz and Hamrlik back but the Gill deal has made that impossible, there's not roster space for both assuming Gorges, Markov and Weber get contracts. No doubt we should re-sign Hammer in my mind though. He is a workhorse, consistent, good on 5-on-5, the PP, the PK, he is a true two-way defenseman who can handle big minutes when needed.
  9. Woot! I really hope he signs here. Assuming we sign Markov, we know Hamrlik can step up should the worst happen. Interesting situation on the D for sure.
  10. Hamrlik was our best defenseman this season. Extremely consistent, worn out in the playoffs but that was bound to happen given the fact that he and Subban had to carry the defensive load for the entire second half of the season. Give him a new contract, I'd take him back over Gill any day.
  11. +1 I like Gill but if it comes down to him and Hammer, the choice is simple. For two seasons he's had to play above expectations, often +25 minutes a night versus the best lines the opposition have to offer. I find it strange how he isn't more appreciated for the work he has done.
  12. Totally agree. Gill is best in box play, but Hammer is a better skater and passer and he can be used on the PP and PK.
  13. Yes, fans calling for Hamrlik's head are conveniently forgetting the work he has done. Hamrlik has carried the load the entire season, he was going to run out of gas eventually heading this broken D-crew. I'd love to have him back at a lower cap-hit, he's reliable, sturdy, servicable in PP and PK and almost never injured.
  14. A rock! Very solid game by Hammer bar the penalty in the first. Nice to see his minutes managed too, Subban and him are going to have to carry alot of minutes for us. A rock! Very solid game by Hammer bar the penalty in the first. Nice to see his minutes managed too, Subban and him are going to have to carry alot of minutes for us.
  15. Hammer had a very solid game last night. Won every puck battle he went into.