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  1. All things considered, cap is going up and Vanek plays the kind of game that will allow him to be effective for a number of years. It's never been about speed or explosiveness for him, he's a net presence with an underrated playmaking ability, wicked hand-eye coordination and a great shot. Sure the last year or two might be a cause for concern but sometimes you've got to gamble.
  2. 1-1, good. Bourque has been awesome so far in these playoffs.
  3. Our defense seems to have forgot the very basics of hockey.
  4. Not a banner play from Armstrong, no need to go after him so hard with Plekanec and Markov already there.
  5. He was not impressive but he wasn't bad by any means.
  6. I am all for giving Beaulieu some NHL experience, kid is going to be great for us. But Kaberle does what he does better at this point in time. I'd rather have him come playoff time.
  7. It's quite a genius plan to be honest, because "moving it around in the o-zone" means the opponents can't score.
  8. Kaberle has hockey IQ. He looked good this season. He isn't a physical guy but he's got good passing and vision. Kabs-Bouillon for third pairing, Diaz back in the top 4 on his return. Drewiske extra. Beaulieu back to AHL.
  9. We should bring Kaberle out of his exile before the playoffs.
  10. I found myself imagining I was a Roman Emperor watching that fight, just giving the thumbs down so that Frankie could throw Ott to the lions.
  11. Bouillon has been great in his role this year, couldn't ask for more. Very dependable guy, and I have no doubts about him being to log some bigger minutes for shorter stretches. Hopefully Diaz continues where he left off so we can keep Bouillon fresh under 20.
  12. I think it's time we give Bouillon some love. He is perfectly capable of filling in when needed for a shorter stretch, he's a very reliable guy and great skater. He looks good with Marky.
  13. Ryder is a point MACHINE. Half the time you wonder if he's backstage setting up the zamboni, then there he is setting up a goal or scoring himself
  14. Pacioretty showing off his incredible defensive instincts by charging the Buffalo player and leaving them with a 3-on-1 Bless Max but defense ain't his thing
  15. Markov has been very good tonight. Pacioretty getting several chances. Third line has been the best.
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