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  1. The President's trophy does it again. Twice.
  2. I'm pretty sure you've won, but just in case I concur.
  3. Washington Nashville
  4. Boston Vegas
  5. Pittsburgh Nashville
  6. Boston Vegas
  7. That's extremely nice of you, but it should be alright now. Finals week, and all that. Washington Nashville
  8. Vegas
  9. Washington Nashville
  10. Vegas
  11. Penguins and Predators.
  12. I'll take these too.
  13. I just wanted to make sure it was a series. Nashville Tiebreaker 24
  14. I had an extremely busy few weeks, and it was quite easy to forget about the Montreal Canadiens. I missed four games in a row to end the season and didn't watch the season closing game. Both of those the first time in almost a decade. I get that I'm not the target audience you want, Mr. Molson, but perhaps this anecdote isn't totally worthless.
  15. Round 1: Atlantic: Lightning over Devils in 5 Bruins over Maple Leafs in 5. Metro: Capitals over Blue Jackets in 6 Penguins over Flyers in 7 Central: Predators over Avalanche in 5 Jets over Wild in 7 Pacific: Golden Knights over Kings in 6 Ducks over Sharks in 5 Division Finals: Atlantic: Bruins over Lightning in 6 Metro: Penguins over Capitals in 6 Central: Predators over Jets in 6 Pacific: Ducks over Golden Knights in 4 Conference Finals: East: Penguins over Bruins in 5 West: Predators over Ducks in 5 Stanley Cup Finals: Predators over Penguins in 7. Predators score 22 goals.