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  1. Final from this morning: Corsi For (All Situations): 55.94% Score Adjusted 5-on-5 Corsi For: 46.5% The team is not this bad, and that's actually bad news. We're just barely out of the top 10 for adjusted 5-on-5 CF%, and we're 7th in adjusted 5-on-5 CF60. Despite the narrative, our offence is being stymied by bad luck. Expect it to produce more; our PDO is pathetic, and is so abysmally, abnormally low that it's going to change. What's worrying, and completely unsurprising, is how bad our shot suppression is. 24th in the league in adjusted 5-on-5 CA60. We're not talking about Carey having a bad start and the team having the lowest team 5-on-5 save percentage in the league, we're talking about preventing the opposing team from getting shots in the first place. A defence corps led by Shea Weber getting top 5-on-5 minutes cannot succeed in 2017. Our goaltending and shooting percentage will revert near to league average, and one may inflate. This will camouflage the team's unstable foundation and likely give the front office the cover it needs to pull an Edmonton/Toronto maneuver and desperately try to overachieve into the 7th or 8th playoff spot and sell 2 or 3 games of playoff tickets.
  2. Tue, Oct 24 7:30 PM ET Florida @ Montreal TSN2, RDSThu, Oct 26 7:30 PM ET Los Angeles @ Montreal TSN2, RDS, FS-W habs_93Sat, Oct 28 7:00 PM ET NY Rangers @ Montreal SN1, CITY, TVAS, MSG CluesMon, Oct 30 7:30 PM ET Montreal @ Ottawa TSN5, TSN2, RDS kinot-2
  3. It's not particularly surprising if you look at hockey with an eye to empirical data. "Leadership" is an illusory feature of successful teams that have a confounding variable: actual talent.
  4. Arizona has one point, but also has no ROWs and has a better goal differential. Both of our PDOs are low (ours is the worst in the league right now at 91.21), so it's a open question as to who's actually worse.
  5. Saturday Nashville @ NY Rangers Edmonton @ Philadelphia Buffalo @ Boston TIE Toronto @ Ottawa Pittsburgh @ Tampa Bay San Jose @ NY Islanders Los Angeles @ Columbus Florida @ Washington
  6. I'm gonna head out, guys. Take it easy.
  7. After 2: Corsi For (All Situations): 59.62% Score Adjusted 5-on-5 Corsi For: 47.57% That's a turnaround, alright.
  8. Since the lockout, league average point percentage is around .560. That is, the baseline for a playoff team. .500 is not ".500" anymore. Break even is now .560 or slightly more.
  9. First period and a bit of the second: Corsi For (All Situations): 51.61% Score Adjusted 5-on-5 Corsi For: 38.66%
  10. Thursday, October 19th Vancouver @ Boston NY Islanders @ NY Rangers Nashville @ Philadelphia Tampa Bay @ Columbus TIE New Jersey @ Ottawa Carolina @ Calgary
  11. No, bottoming out is not a guarantee of success. Just like how playing proper possession hockey is not a guarantee of winning. There are no guarantees, there are moves which serve to put probability on our side as opposed to against us. This is a deeply mediocre hockey team which has been fundamentally constructed incorrectly. We cannot band-aid this and become contenders again. The core will not support it; they're too old and get paid too much. Price, Petry, Weber, Gallagher, and Pacioretty must be traded ASAP to make sure we get proper value for them. Every we game we play is a possible injury that negatively impacts our future talent a few years down the road. We are in the preparatory phases of becoming Edmonton and Toronto of the last decade right now.
  12. Final: Corsi For (All Situations): 47.37% Score Adjusted 5-on-5 Corsi For: 45.8%