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  1. This is it, I reckon.
  2. I lose the tiebreaker if I predict Pittsburgh tonight, right? Ottawa it is. Man, putting my hopes on the Senators. How unfortunate.
  3. Given how far superior Subban is with regards to 5-on-5 possession and scoring chances, I'd have to say we'd have been significantly better.
  4. Yannick Weber will be playing for the Cup!
  5. Part of the Nashville Predators' first Stanley Cup final berth.
  6. Awful situation in Manchester tonight. We're all with you, UK.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. H_T_L


      Absolutely horrible. What an ugly world we live in.

    3. kinot-2


      Thoughts go out to those families who are affected by this terrible tragedy.  

    4. HabsRuleForever
  7. Yeah, I think so too. While I'm agreeing with you, I'll agree with your pick and take Nashville tonight.
  8. Even if you assume some of the Ranger players' historically hideous possession performance is due to Vigneault's systems, it's still a really poor record. It's also a move you make when you think you can win, and I just don't see it. If we're going to move Galchenyuk, I'd rather do it with an eye to the future.
  9. That was a fine call, no doubt. Ottawa
  10. Nashville
  11. I really wasn't expecting that.
  12. It's extremely disheartening. This is almost exactly the kind of move you'd expect the 2008-09 Oilers or 2007-08 Maple Leafs to make. Sure seems like Bergevin is in full on damage control mode. Tack another two or three seasons onto the inevitable rebuild.