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  1. Toronto Montreal Ottawa It's an Eastern Canada night.
  2. What a backhand. Great work by Petry to get the shot there, too.
  3. Or we can play Shaw on the power play. That works too, I guess.
  4. Even though I'm opposed to it in almost all situations, I still understand the instinct to over-insulate a young player. But it's just like you said: there's no centres doing the work out there. It's not like anyone else is playing proper defensive hockey.
  5. That wasn't good. Don't think Plekky meant for anything like that to happen, obviously.
  6. According to the Pittsburgh broadcast, the Penguins goal is was a huge Habs fan growing up. Had Dryden on his mask in college. You all know what that means.
  7. Oilers Knights LA vs. Ottawa: Tie Boston Minnesota Pittsburgh vs. Montreal: Tie Tampa Bay Vancouver Toronto Nashville Arizona
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