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  1. Oh, not at all. Rask is not only less talented than Thomas, but he's a way bigger whiner and hothead. He screamed at one of his own defensemen in a game against Toronto near the end of the season after he let in a weak goal, and got pulled for the third period. Not so great. Thomas was the best player on the Bruins' roster and is singlehandedly responsible for their eastern conference championship, no doubt about it. The cup win was all about Vancouver's complete collapse. Anybody from the top 8 in the east could've beat them, in retrospect. It's all true, but the mounds upon mounds of endless praise is getting really old for me. He had a good season, and added distinction to his career. Congratulations are in order. But people are talking as if he's the second coming of goaltending, comparing him to Hasek, deserves to be in the HoF, etc. Which I think is pretty ridiculous.
  2. I think I'll put this on my Patrick Roy jersey: http://i.imgur.com/rtymj.png

    1. hatethosebruins


      You mean the one thats getting shipped to my house first? and then mysteriously lost in the mail

    2. habs_93


      ...Right, that one. ;)

  3. Special emphasis on 'miraculous', I'd say. Unless he comes even remotely close in 11-12, this last season was a fluke. I'd put him in the same category as Brodeur: a more than reasonably talented goalie that got extremely lucky, and played behind a formidable defense. Putting Scott Stevens and the NHL's favorite Zdeno Chara in front of anyone could make them look like amazing goalies. Thomas is at the very end of his career. But if he wants to stick around for too long and suck during his last few seasons, Ed Belfour style, then by all means.
  4. I think us eastern conference fans really underrate Quick. He's pretty amazing, and will be even better this year. I think he's a Vezina threat, and an easy top 5 selection IMO. I really don't get why people overrated Miller and underrate Quick.
  5. He'll need some playoff hardware. Doesn't have to be a cup, look at Hextall. If he gets a Conn Smythe, absolutely.
  6. Brodeur's time is past him. Not arguing he's not a first ballot HoF legend, but he's not himself of the 90s anymore. Fleury and Luongo are so incredibly overrated, they do not warrant discussion. Pavelec might very well be a power goalie with a stable, solid team in front of him. And Reimer could be a competent starter for 60+ games. But neither of those things have ever happened, and as such they're entirely unproven. Phoenix is apparently going to rely on split starts between Smith and Labarbera. I hope Yakupov likes Quebec City! As far as Thomas, the version of him that played last season was indeed effective, if completely and totally overrated. The Euro/ECHL backup he's been the rest of his career, however, doesn't even belong in the same universe as this thread.
  7. Watching old Habs games makes summer better.

    1. habs_93


      You know you're watching an almost twenty year old game when Bob Cole is completely coherent. Muller shorthanded!

    2. hatethosebruins


      Yeah I was gonna watch the 93 cup win lol

    3. habs_93


      I could watch everything involving the 93 playoffs all day, every day.

  8. Farewell, Space Shuttle. And most probably, America's space program. Sad day.

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    2. uncivilengineer


      Why the space program? Maybe manned flight for a while but they still do satellites and stuff like that.

    3. habs_93


      I should've said manned space program, sorry.

  9. It's a joyous holiday today! ...My birthday, of course. :P

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    2. Clues


      I've never heard of that before, but that sounds utterly amazing.

    3. hatethosebruins


      Happy birthday.

      Sorry about that karma thing before xD

  10. Internet agitators seldom gyrate tortiously without Tequila.
  11. Nashville's front office. Sergei Kostitsyn, the UFA. :lol:
  12. Ugh. I need to get a Canadian dish. He's moving to Max's hometown! Someone tell him to get his locks changed...
  13. Clues is the best ever. New sig!

    1. Forever_Habs10


      She sure is....and your new sig rocks.,cool.

    2. Clues
  14. Does my Habs toque in winter count? Then true. The poster below me has clothes older than he/she is.
  15. Tonight, however, went perfectly!

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    2. HabsRuleForever


      So the tests were conclusive?

    3. habs_93


      No, still hazy HRF. I'll know if I need to jump off something tall next week. :P

    4. hatethosebruins


      Told you the rumor was embellished!

  16. Well, last night did not go as planned.

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    2. RSD


      ...You'll have to drag me to Maury before I say that's my kid...

    3. Forever_Habs10


      Jerry S. is on the line...

    4. habs_93


      I go away for one day, and look what happens.

      I love this place.

  17. Nah, George Martin. He was their producer.
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