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  1. Farewell, Space Shuttle. And most probably, America's space program. Sad day.

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    2. uncivilengineer


      Why the space program? Maybe manned flight for a while but they still do satellites and stuff like that.

    3. habs_93


      I should've said manned space program, sorry.

  2. It's a joyous holiday today! ...My birthday, of course. :P

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    2. Clues


      I've never heard of that before, but that sounds utterly amazing.

    3. hatethosebruins


      Happy birthday.

      Sorry about that karma thing before xD

  3. Internet agitators seldom gyrate tortiously without Tequila.
  4. Nashville's front office. Sergei Kostitsyn, the UFA. :lol:
  5. Ugh. I need to get a Canadian dish. He's moving to Max's hometown! Someone tell him to get his locks changed...
  6. Clues is the best ever. New sig!

    1. Forever_Habs10


      She sure is....and your new sig rocks.,cool.

    2. Clues
  7. Does my Habs toque in winter count? Then true. The poster below me has clothes older than he/she is.
  8. Tonight, however, went perfectly!

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    2. HabsRuleForever


      So the tests were conclusive?

    3. habs_93


      No, still hazy HRF. I'll know if I need to jump off something tall next week. :P

    4. hatethosebruins


      Told you the rumor was embellished!

  9. Well, last night did not go as planned.

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    2. RSD


      ...You'll have to drag me to Maury before I say that's my kid...

    3. Forever_Habs10


      Jerry S. is on the line...

    4. habs_93


      I go away for one day, and look what happens.

      I love this place.

  10. Nah, George Martin. He was their producer.
  11. Between those two, I'd say the Beatles. But I'd put more emphasis on George Martin than the band itself. Free response, I'd say Martin Hannett.
  12. How's everyone's day going?

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    2. ColRouleBleu


      The light show is above our heads now, good news: no soccer game to go to so I can watch the SCF bad news: high risk of power outage

    3. hatethosebruins


      Hot day and doesn't help in the gymnasium with no air conditioning, other than that my days been great hows yours 93

    4. Nine1One


      today was good. Tennis ball fight in phsyics and uke/guitar jam in orchestra lmao

  13. Well, still alive. Another decade, another group of hysterical idiots to point and laugh at.

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    2. RSD


      6pm EST...We all know the world runs on EST...Come on now...

    3. hatethosebruins


      A friend showed me a list of excuses people use about the world not ending. the guy used one and said that it DID happen and the world will still end in october lolol

  14. True! The poster below me has made a cake from scratch.
  15. Liriano threw a walk-filled no-hitter in Chcago for the Twins.
  16. The NL is pretty terrible.
  17. Hopefully you don't mind a first time visitor to this thread, even if you don't like the song choice so much? (I've been meaning to stop by here for months, but school always seemed to get in the way)
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