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  1. You rise to the level of your opponent, as the saying goes. It's always fun doing this season-in and season-out due to the great group of people we have here to compete with.
  2. I believe I've lost, by my figuring. I'll still predict until it's confirmed, but in case I have, it's been a great battle HTL.
  3. I'll be mostly here. Got a final tomorrow to study for so I might dip out a bit here and there.
  4. Nah, I meant who's going to watch it here. Glad to see you here though, old pal. I mean old as in we've known each other for a while, not that you're old.
  5. Caught the tail end of that one, but what a second OT it was. Jackets looked good and assertive. Not going to pretend they don't play a little dirty once and a while, but it's a fun team to watch.
  6. Ah well, I might as well root for the home team. Just this once.
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