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  1. Let's see how I did... I didn't want to make it a sweep in that Tampa series, so I was generous and gave Columbus a game. Funny how it works, eh? I didn't think Boston would need seven games again, but here I am: wrong, again. I'll 100% take that game 7 win for Carolina, though. I also heavily suspected the Islanders would make it happen against Pittsburgh. Nashville, Winnipeg, and Calgary surprised the heck out of me. San Jose did not. Last year was a pure fluke for Vegas. Onto the second round: I guess I thought Carolina was going to have to play a lot. I'll stick with Boston in seven against Columbus, though. I'm not sure about the Islanders anymore. Carolina was gutsy in that series. It might take seven, or Carolina might pull it out. Updated predictions: BOS over CBJ in 7 CAR over NYI in 7 STL over DAL in 5 SJS over COL in 6
  2. So much for this series. No chance Boston loses a game 7 in Boston against this Leafs team.
  3. I think he knows where to go looking for the checks.
  4. They're apparently friends. So, some species of Russian collusion perhaps.
  5. Two sweeps in one night. Both serious Cup contenders. Amazing. Great night of hockey.
  6. No doubt. Like I said, I think this is a contender for the biggest choke in North American professional sports history. This makes the '94 Sonics look like overachievers.
  7. What a series. Two historic, legendary performances. One of the gutsiest series wins in hockey history, and perhaps the biggest choke in North American professional sports history.
  8. Well, my preferred team just won the Stanley Cup tonight.
  9. In memory of their previous owner, Charles Wang.
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