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  1. Horrible performance by Canada at the juniors. These fools should be ashamed of themselves for the rest of their lives!

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    2. ForeverGuyLafleur2010


      Quoting Melissa Hollingsworth, they let the whole country down. Just for that alone, they should be banned from international duty forever.

    3. HabsRuleForever


      Quoting weepingminotar.

      They're just kids man.

    4. jedimaas


      FIRST of all: Melissa Hollingsworth said that about HERSELF. What you've just done there is changed the context and therefore completely misquoted her.

      Second, she was 30 years old when she "let the country down" - not 18 or 19 years old like these kids.

      And finally not surprisingly, most rational & reasonable Canadians were quick to say "Melissa, no you didnt"

      We lost. Big deal. Get over it. Its hockey - not life.

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