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  1. Holy crap... Hell must have froze over.
  2. Lucic is up for another phonecall. Place your bets, place your bets! Suspension or no susp- Oh no, wait. B's jersey. He'll walk, probably with extra money in his pockets for his trouble.
  3. Holy hell, someone needs to prank Chara like that. Right on the ice, some other equally big lout with a LaPierre smile, preferably...
  4. Too right, Lucic is a disgusting example of a hockey player. Part of me, though, wonders just how quick he would have been to try that if it was Roy playing that puck. They would have had to take Lucic away in a stretcher...
  5. Both world wars; the Yanks would have happily let everyone go at it in the second if Japan hadn't gone and goofed it. What really gets me, though? Yanks take credit for winning both... despite not doing anything in the First, and Russia having already crippled the German armies by 1943... Oh, and the P51 Mustang? Piece of mediocre crap. Only reason it is so vaunted by the Yanks is because most all the German aces were shot down over England by Spits and Hurricanes before the Yanks were even at war with the Germans. Though I will say in closing that it isn't necessarily America's fault for being so uptight and insecure about such things. We kicked their arses so badly in 1812 with an army a tenth their size that they developed a rather dangerous psychosis...
  6. Why replace JM? Are we at the bottom of the list? NO. We are not. We are having a hard time but we are not in the pits. WE ARE STILL IN THE RUNNING FOR THE PLAYOFFS.

  7. Perhaps acquired as cannon fodder?
  8. Guardians: The Maple Leaf - He Blows.

  9. Guardians: The Leaf - He blows.

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