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  1. Hamrlik is right around that age where the next year might be the year his play drops off. If we commit to a two-year deal with him and he winds up as dead weight during the second one, our hands are tied. If Gill stinks up this year, we say bye-bye to him at the end of the season and that's that. Not to mention Gill has stepped in to keep PK clean.
  2. NFL

    It's time to renew the greatest rivalry in sports. Washington vs. Dallas. My skins are going to show them Cowboys what winning is all about.
  3. NFL

    Depends on how you count them. If you count every NFL player, regardless of whether he's good enough, you can expect about one aresst per week from that group. See ProFootballTalk's "Police Blotter". (NOTE: Florio likes to "spin the news", so PFT is not that good of a news reporting site).
  4. Y. Veber and P.K Subban.
  5. Now, I have to temper my hate towards the Capitals because they went and picked up two former Habs.
  6. Anything to make the Capitals suffer brings me joy.
  7. A fly flew onto the poon I left in a can of chicken. I went to grab the spoon, and then it flew into the leftover water still in the can and drowned itself. Funny and disgusting.

  8. So a person only needs one share of stock to attend a shareholder's meeting and see (maybe even meet) the rich and powerful people who own an big company. Ha! So simple.

    1. beaubie


      In that case...

  9. NFL

    He'll play, but he's going to be available for cheap. I'm quite embarassed that he's even donned the Redskins jersey.
  10. This man must be stopped. Wiz could've been the "next one" to have been taken out.
  11. Too many contests for my poor soul to track.
  12. Congratulations, mate, and welcome to the forum :D ColRouleBleu's(a mod here) daughter will also get her mug displayed on the Bell Centre boards for a period.
  13. Do not be deceived by appearances. It's a good song.
  14. Welcome all. I myself am a neophyte fan in the metro DC area. Pried from the Caps fanbase, actually.
  15. Office Space: 9.5/10 Destroy that printer. Red Swingline stapler ftw.