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  1. It turn out Pacman Jones was also arrested Saturday morning at around 2:00 A.M. (if I heard correctly) for being drunk and disorderly at a Cincinnati bar (where else?). I wonder if he is done. I also wonder if NFL players are the most frequently arrested pro athletes.

    Depends on how you count them. If you count every NFL player, regardless of whether he's good enough, you can expect about one aresst per week from that group.

    See ProFootballTalk's "Police Blotter". (NOTE: Florio likes to "spin the news", so PFT is not that good of a news reporting site).


  2. Washington Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth seems to have trouble keeping his hands to himself. He's still facing charges from a road rage incident in December. I wonder if he'll be playing any more football.

    He'll play, but he's going to be available for cheap. I'm quite embarassed that he's even donned the Redskins jersey.

  3. Hey My name is Dave. I live out in Red Deer Alberta. I have been a Habs fan my whole life. I have never been to see the Habs live and I just turned 31. I got huge news today saying I won the put on your game face contest. They said i won two tickets to game four against the Bruins. This really is a dream come true!!!!

    Congratulations, mate, and welcome to the forum :D :D

    ColRouleBleu's(a mod here) daughter will also get her mug displayed on the Bell Centre boards for a period.

  4. Hi all.

    I have been an NHL fan for as long as I can remember, but only in the last few years have I fell in love with the Habs. (Could only watch the limited coverage UK TV gave me, hence not being able to form an alliegance) However now I subscribe to ESPN CentreIce Online giving me every NHL game so can watch every Montreal live or ondemand.

    I am from Glasgow Scotland, and my friends are sick to death of me talking about "The Habs" constantly, so thought I would join a forum to save them.

    I have just booked flights to Canada for Oct/Nov of this year, in order to take in at least one game at the Bell Centre (and I am hoping the fixture list is kind to me, and throws up an away fixture at Ottawa or Toronto in that time period) (If you see someone in a Black Kilt, and Habs top in the period come say Hi, as its me lol)

    If anyone wishes to add me on Twitter its ThePhenomenalTM on there also.

    ps, i'm not some cocky Scotsman lol The name is the name I used on a Wrestling forum (Being a fan of the Phenomenal AJ Styles, so just use it for everything these days lol.

    Well, how I should start... xD I'm Spanish, so I hope my posts will be understandable, more or less. Please excuse me if I do some mistakes, ok? n-nU

    I started being a fan of hockey when I was a child, in the 16-bit videogame era, when I played it in my Genesis. Sadly, here in Spain there's no hockey fanbase at all, and it's impossible to watch hockey games on TV neither (we Spanish like football -soccer, you know-, basketball and other sports like F1, tennis and handball), so there's a 15-year or so gap of no hockey for me until this day.

    A friend of mine went to Montréal to study, and told me about how you Canadians enjoy this sport, so then I started watching videos on the NHL site, going to Wikipedia to learn about the rules and playing NHL 11 in my PS3. I suppose it's a very silly reason to start liking the game, but at least I play as the Montréal Canadiens, hehe... and boy, I just love this game, so I entered your forums to continue learning about this.

    Probably now I will start reading a ton of posts to learn about the game instead of writing, but I will make my own posts talking about the matches in the near future, I promise. xD

    See you, and go Canadiens!

    Howdy! I live outside Philly, but I'm more of a country girl! My family owns land in Montana where we raise cattle. I LOVE the Montreal Canadiens, but I'm a pretty new fan. I guess I was hooked when I saw a Habs game, and carey price was wearing a mask with a bucking bull on it! I love PBR bucking bulls(almost as much as hockey) if you have never seen it I highly recommend catching an event on t.v or even better live! There are not a whole lot of canadiens fans in Philly, and defiantly none in Montana, so I hope to to have some real fans to talk to! :D

    Welcome all. I myself am a neophyte fan in the metro DC area. Pried from the Caps fanbase, actually. :lol:

  5. "I'm fortunate Ryan McDonagh wasn't hurt," Cooke told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "I don't want to hurt anybody. That's not my intention. I know that I can be better.

    "I made a mistake. I'm the one that's accountable for that. I take full responsibility for it. I'm sorry to my teammates, my management, my coaching staff and my organization. It's something that, moving forward, I'll make different."



    Sad thing is, even though he's probably lying (am I reading his mind too much, Booin fans?), his apology goes farther than Chara's lame excuses of "unfortunate" and "I didn't know".
  6. Dallas Cowboys :( But I still got New Orleans. Didn't watch alot of football this season too distracted by hockey.

    There will forever be bad blood between us. As a Redskins fan, Cowboys are enemy #1. ;)

    was expecting them to be the first team to host & play in the super bowl.wow what a disappointment this past season was

    They always have been overrated recently. B)
  7. Remember, if PK does the same thing Chara did to someone, it has to be strong hockey play according to the league.

    If Matt Cooke does the same thing Chara did to someone, it has to be strong hockey play according to the league.

    If Nick Lidstrom did the same thing Chara did to someone, it has to be strong hockey play according to the league.

    If Crosby did the same thing Chara did to someone, it has to be strong hockey play according to the league.

    If Pronger did the same thing Chara did to someone, it has to be strong hockey play according to the league.

    So, according to the league, I could cheer for a Hab to do the same thing to a Bruin on Mar 24 and call it a strong hockey play. According to the league, if Moen does the same thing to Krecji or Greg Campbell, it's a strong hockey play. The lesson here is that if you want to use a principle as "law", you have stick to it in all situations. ;)

  8. Exactly!

    Which why I think that TSN doesn't have as much free reign when it comes to their articles. Kevin Weekes on NHLnetwork the night of the hit, mentioned that Chara's arm getting up on Patches would be his downfall (play against him). Funny how weekes has been very quiet since the NHL ruling.

    We need a Roenick type guy who isn't afraid to go against the grain, who speaks his mind whether it's PC or not.


    Jeremy_Roenick Jeremy Roenick


    @j1836 The game happens so fast it forces players to make bad decisions that can cause damage esp. bc of the arena's dimensions & structures

    9 Mar Favorite Retweet Reply


    Jeremy Roenick

    Jeremy_Roenick Jeremy Roenick

    Injuries will always occur in contact sports, especially when parts of the playing surface cause the worst of the damage, so who's at fault!

    9 Mar Favorite Retweet Reply


    Jeremy Roenick

    Jeremy_Roenick Jeremy Roenick

    If suspensions are based on extent of injuries then fighting and hits will have to be banned from the NHL!

    9 Mar Favorite Retweet Reply


    Jeremy Roenick

    Jeremy_Roenick Jeremy Roenick

    I like Chara & I like Pacioretty. Neither of them deserve to be in such a tough situation! Truth is hockey's a brutal contact sport

  9. your right he did make his money selling violence, so we shouldn't be surprised at all about what he thought about the drity hit on max .. i'm sickened by anyone who saw the hit as a hockey play gone wrong or as a unfortunate accident cause we all know no matter what chara could of (if he wasn't out to get max) grabbed on and hooked him or something but he saw he could make a play that would hurt him instead and almost killed him ..

    Those fellas using the word "accident" should realize that accidents are UNINTENTIONAL occurrences. It's right in dictionary.

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