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  1. Those fellas using the word "accident" should realize that accidents are UNINTENTIONAL occurrences. It's right in dictionary.
  2. Even some Bruins rose up from their seats to see what happened. Sure they may have laughed afterwards, but even they initially had a shock .
  3. Yep. I get killed in a car accident. Whoops, my fault for going on the road, not the idiot who caused the crash because he/she was too busy texting messages to his/her BFF.
  4. It's quite clear Chara is a great example of what are needed changes to the justice system. Kangaroo courts are needed to protect vagrants, murderers, and all other lawbreakers from the their innocent victims. Fair trials MUST GO! The truth must be ignored.
  5. Remember, it's the dude's fault he was near a set of stairs. You don't wanna fall down stairs, don't go near them
  6. He also let 'er rip once on the PP.
  7. Quite a strange one we have here. Even an ignorant American like myself can sense it.
  8. Eller as wing is a disaster waiting to happen, as we have already seen. Kostitsyn has played horribly whenever he get "promoted" to a top line after his slumps this year. So why try the same thing again? There's that line "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting something different".
  9. I loved how he smashed that Thrasher.
  10. I love it that Halpern, Wiz, and Sopel love it in Montreal.
  11. NHL extends its disregard for the Habs by removing its background image and "standard" formatting. It's not like the other fan forums have suffered.
  12. Greetings, fellow Habs fans. My road to becoming a Habs fan was rather unorthodox. I actually was a Caps fan early on. But, I took a long hiatus from hockey in general and only got back into watching it last year...still with the Caps. However, the Caps have a dirty little secret of being unable to completely dominate their opponents even though they certainly appear they could on paper. Needless, to say, the playoff loss left me disenchanted with the Caps. To make things short and sweet, the playoff performance of the Habs started my fandom transfer, reading about how Sam Pollock nabbed Lafleur and that Patrick Roy commercial helped me along, and the win against Pittsburgh this year finalized it. There's no other team I would cheer for except Montreal. I hate the Caps now. I'm also a big Washington Redskins fan, I live in Maryland, USA currently, and I'm Chinese-American. BTW, I have the same birthday as Scott Gomez.
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