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  1. LOL ZZ Top will be interviewing him for a spot in the band. Glad to see Mara willing to drop the gloves. Talbot was looking to spark the Pens and Mara doused that spark out pretty easily. I am pleasantly surprised and happy with Mara Version 2.0.
  2. Hasnt had a fight in the NHL since 2003 according to Hockey Fights. That may change when we play the Bruins next.
  3. Its really an optical illusion. We are so used to seeing Gill skate so Mara appears much faster. In all seriousness, Mara has played fairly solid D ( 0 against Calgary and + 1 tonight) and gets down the ice quickly. I just hope he can maintain this level of play. He might turn out to be a pleasant surprise.
  4. Ouch. Alex Henry anyone????? He would have been "free".
  5. Wow. When I read this I heard the theme song to the Twilight Zone. Help us Mr. Molson, help us please. You know what to do.
  6. I am looking forward to seeing him play. I thought that he did a good job during preseason.
  7. I am a little late in posting on this thread but I am new in name but have been on the boards for a couple of years. I was TexasCanadien on the old boards but lost all of my information when the new boards were created. So, I had to create a new name and I chose TexasHab. I live in Southeast Texas just outside of Houston. I have been a Canadiens fan for almost all of my life. When talking about hockey, the first question I get is why are you a Montreal Canadiens fan? The first game I ever saw on TV was the Canadiens winning the Stanley Cup in 1968 with Beliveau, Cournoyer, Tremblay, Lemaire, Richard, Savard etc. I was immediately hooked and thought that the C on the sweater was the most awesome uniform that I had ever seen. And I have been a Habs fanatic ever since. Go Habs Go!!!!! We need another Cup to add to the collection.
  8. Really looking forward to seeing him play. I have a feeling that he will do well for this team.
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