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  1. product-enlarged.jpg

    I think he could pull it off ;)


    ZZ Top will be interviewing him for a spot in the band. :lol:

    Glad to see Mara willing to drop the gloves. Talbot was looking to spark the Pens and Mara doused that spark out pretty easily.

    I am pleasantly surprised and happy with Mara Version 2.0. ;)

  2. Wow, he's a lot faster than I remember!

    Its really an optical illusion. We are so used to seeing Gill skate so Mara appears much faster. :D

    In all seriousness, Mara has played fairly solid D ( 0 against Calgary and + 1 tonight) and gets down the ice quickly. I just hope he can maintain this level of play. He might turn out to be a pleasant surprise.

  3. I am a little late in posting on this thread but I am new in name but have been on the boards for a couple of years.

    I was TexasCanadien on the old boards but lost all of my information when the new boards were created. So, I had to create a new name and I chose TexasHab.

    I live in Southeast Texas just outside of Houston. I have been a Canadiens fan for almost all of my life. When talking about hockey, the first question I get is why are you a Montreal Canadiens fan? The first game I ever saw on TV was the Canadiens winning the Stanley Cup in 1968 with Beliveau, Cournoyer, Tremblay, Lemaire, Richard, Savard etc.

    I was immediately hooked and thought that the C on the sweater was the most awesome uniform that I had ever seen.

    And I have been a Habs fanatic ever since.

    Go Habs Go!!!!! We need another Cup to add to the collection. :)

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