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  1. I instantly thought of Subban. One of my buddies brought up an excellent point: the holdout might have been the catalyst PK needed to come out and prove people wrong. He was humbled by the process and might be eager to prove his worth. I've been saying for months that PK is our best defenseman and will be for the future but we are now entering an impending game of high stakes poker that could have been avoided had the brass locked him up. His counterpoint was PK is probably playing up to his potential now because he feels the need to prove himself and seek the big contract in 2 years. I just don't see the hurry to sign DD in season. I honestly don't see him being built for the playoffs or the road. He has zero pp points on the road this year and gets tons of minutes. I don't see the need to rush this deal and the term of it. He has not played in a playoff game in his current role, wouldn't you want to see his true value in those games before giving out a long term deal? Furthermore, we have depth and potential at the position. As I said, this deal means we either have to surround DD with our best 2 wingers for the next 4 years or find a way to trade him in 2 years. Somebody compared his deal to Grabovski but my gut is thinking Matthew Lombardi at this point. I hope I am wrong but I really don't like the way this deal includes DD in our top 6 core moving forward.
  2. Am I the only one that doesn't like this signing? I don't like the term and I don't like what it says about his role on the team. This deal means MB thinks DD is a top 6-9 guy he can roll with for 4 more years. I have a problem with that. I don't understand the thought process. He's not a guy that's going to exceed what he did last season, he's a 60 point scorer when surrounded by the 2 best big wingers the Habs have had in 20 years. The only pair to score 30 each in a season. I don't see how you can expect him to produce at this level moving forward particularly since that means Eller will not get a chance at a top 6 slot nor Galchenyuk or they certainly will not get the best wingers since DD needs them to have any value. I just don't understand the length or timing of the deal.
  3. Crb, I'll be the Indian guy in an oversized red Subban jersey, you can probably pick me out in the crowd lol. Section 101
  4. The original question was to win it all this season I believe: Turn Brian Gionta into David Clarkson Turn Raphael Diaz into Douglas Murray Pacioretty Desharnais Gallagher Bourque Plekanec Ryder Galchenyuk Eller Clarkson Moen Nokelainen Prust Murray Subban Markov Emelin Gorges Bouillon Price I have no idea how MB could pull that off but I think that's the required upgrade needed to be legit contenders this season, otherwise I agree we stay the course and use this season and playoffs as bonus development and evaluation time.
  5. I'll be there tonight. I really thank the NHL for putting teams in non hockey markets! I bought my tix yesterday 5 rows behind the bench a pair for 300$. I cannot imagine how much they would cost at home, for a Saturday night game, any ideas?
  6. I think people also fail to realize that a shooter retains his shot a lot longer than a hard skating power forward retains his legs. So a 32 year old Ryder has a much better chance at 3-4 more productive seasons than a 34 year old Cole does having even 2 more. Ryder can likely sign score 20 goals at 35-36, Cole will not. Smart deal financially and hockey wise
  7. Solid cap and hockey move. I believe Cole may have requested a trade due to family reasons. We lose toughness but gain a shooter on the PP
  8. I think if you watch his play, he has been on the puck and creating chances, players like him tend to score 3 goals in 5 games and then start getting praised for great seasons. If he stops getting chances that's when you worry but I see him around the puck and slot and his line as a whole has been productive.
  9. I'd sit Bouillon on the back end of back to backs and get Kaberle some games. He needs to remain in game shape in case we end up being forced into using his services.
  10. The schedule has helped with all the home games and the return of Markov makes the PP better but the traces of old Michel were evident in the way he handled White in the media and his ice-time division for the defense corps is not a strong suit, so is his insistence on including Colby Armstrong. All in all, 9-4-1 leads to a positive grade that is more than just passing. Also, his use of the Gallys needs to be complimented as does getting Eller some special teams time. I have to give him a B.
  11. Maybe Colorado and their <10% PP would take him off our hands?
  12. I think he is being given the benefit of the doubt rightfully so considering his last season but I've said it before I think that was and will be the best season of his career.
  13. If Eller sat for being ineffective a penalty sequence MUST land you in the stands
  14. Replacing Kaberle with Subban would make our D corps extremely competitive. Markov Emelin Gorges Subban Bouillon Diaz That's a solid defense corps.
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