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  1. Knowing JM, Cammy will replace Eller and lars will end up on the 4th line because our sniper on the 3rd line can't be dropped.
  2. I think the truth is PK helped him more than he helped PK on the ice but the management fell in love with what he did between PKs ears.
  3. Tonight, should be interesting.
  4. Is there anybody in Hamilton above 6 feet that can hit and score like an NHL 3rd liner?
  5. I am going nuts refreshing the rds home page waiting for an official update on Cammy. I just want to hear Martin, the Goat or Cammy actually say 2 weeks.
  6. Not a fighter. You won't knock him out but he's not winning any fights. Still, being big and showing a willingness looks good on him.
  7. Well Jaro, were gonna need you to party like it's 1999!
  8. Hahahaha. Awesome.
  9. Wow. Whatever happened to 3 day injuries? Man, the Habs have tough luck with long-term injuries.
  10. Rough week as a Hab!!!! At the end of the game, we realized how much his smooth skating and experience are needed. 3 weeks is ok, I like the positive thinking about Yemelin but we're looking at: Gill - Subban Gorges - Diaz Spacek - Yemelin For those of you keeping score, that's one sensationally erratic sophomore, one shot-blocking pylon, a recovering cripple, a swiss army knife, a lead footed greybeard and a foreign rookie. OUCH. On a brighter note, Diaz was decent last night and shows some nice poise at the point.
  11. Wow, nice to meet you Mr. Woywitka. Not surprising since NYR were desperate.
  12. I savour it every day, sometimes before practice I’m skating around and I’ll look at the logo on my jersey – I’m playing for the Canadiens!” said the Montreal-born Darche, a childhood Habs fan. Keep living the dream bro, it's refreshing to hear a pro love his life and enjoy his priviledge of realizing ALL of ours dream come true, he's very easy to root for, Go Darche Go!
  13. IMO, as a die-hard hockey fan living in the southern US, the NHL needs Sean Avery. He is the in the top 5 of most recognizable players in the NHL for Americans. I think a team like the Florida Panthers or any team that struggles to get publicity or at the gate like the Coyotes, Islanders, Hurricanes, Avalanche or Stars should really consider adding him to their team. In the case of the NHL, with the NBA being locked out, ANY press is good press and Sean Avery provides PLENTY of material. He's also a pretty capable hockey player if you remove the off-ice nonsense. To me, the NHL needs Sean Avery and his brash behavior from a business standpoint. I really dislike him but I'm savvy enough to know he's great for the business of Hockey, especially in struggling markets, just keep him off my Habs.
  14. As I said with Gio, just wanted to post to give Darche a little love. Good veteran leader who knows his role. You would be hard pressed to find a player anywhere better suited to his role and his city than the intelligent, dedicated, hard-working, bilingual, talkative Mathieu Darche in Montreal. His presence in front of the net and the media scrums may be equally important for this team!
  15. Answer: Competitive teams Pierre Gauthier helped build that all failed to win Championships and were widely criticized for being poorly constructed for playoff runs.