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  1. If I was GM, I would use the players new found fear of the next CBA changing ridiculous contracts and offer one up just to see what happens. Lets say you got Semin to bite on 7 years 30 million. He's 28, contract gets you to 35 and you in theory have a talented top 6 to play with Galchenyuk long term. From our perspective it's a great cap hit for a 55-80 point scorer and from his it's security for what must be an insecure offseason getting worse by the day. Is this overextension and crazy? Yes, but it's an example of using circumstances to your advantage as the Wild did. I'm just saying: Two and half Semin Pleks Gionta Moen Eller Bourque Prust White Armstrong Ahl-Gomez That could be a pretty solid and offensively competent lineup. Then you could really throw Lars into the checking role most want to desperately see him in.
  2. Are people still talking about Kovalev? His career is done. What's the point of possibly squeezing 40 insanely frustrating points out of a 40 something year old when you have no chance at a Cup and several players chomping at the bit to take that role? If we're not spending money on Doan or Semin, or making a viable trade, save cap and develop for the future. We're not looking for depth scoring as a final piece on a juggernaut roster. This was a last place team that's now in rebound mode.
  3. THIS. I see Lars having an opportunity this season to snatch a larger role within the Top 6. That's chance is on LW. Otherwise, it's another season on the 3rd line trying to chip in offense with an ill defined role. By the end of last season, Lars showed himself to be in our top 5 talent-wise. He's also demonstrated a good understanding of 2-way play. What he hasn't shown is an ability to sustain quality play against higher competition. This is his chance IMO. If you remove the Lars as a center fixation and look at it strictly from a hockey standpoint, do you think anybody else on the rosters skillset not on the top line is a better fit beside Pleks and Gio?
  4. With all due respect, Plekanec - Gomez - Gionta seems like a bad idea. There is no puck retrieval, board play or net presence. Also, Gomez is not a 2 way center in the ilk of Pleks. Feels like we'd be downgrading with that setup. I am really wondering why everybody is opposed to starting Eller as second line LW. I wouldn't marry him to the position but seriously what am I missing? Young guy, size, skills, defensively responsible, recently played wing with success at the worlds gets to play with 2 other world class 2-way players and possibly flourish as a top 6 player. He's clearly in top 5 talent wise up front. If it doesnt work you swap him with Bourque after 5-10 games, move Gomez to 3rd line LW and the lines re-align according to roles. This is a logical alignment: Scoring line: Pacioretty - Desharnais - Cole 2-way line: Eller - Plekanec - Gionta Secondary reclamation project: Bourque - Gomez - Armstrong Energy line: Moen - White - Prust If it doesnt work: Second line: Bourque - Plekanec - Gionta 3rd: Gomez - Eller - Armstrong
  5. So what part of my post are you saying not really to? You're telling me what used to be true while elaborating and essentially agreeing with my entire post. The point of the matter is, 3rd/4th tier players DO have a greater impact in modern day hockey, far more of an impact than other sports. Nothing you said contradicts that. Are you just unwilling to concede that Hockey's bottom tier players have a greater impact on the game? You may not like it but it appears that you are also proving that it is true. They are a part of the play far more than their counterparts in other sports and so by definition they have a larger bearing on the outcome of the game, its probability. You simply cannot compare the star power in basketball or soccer with hockey, because our sport has shifts. No human can play 85% of a hockey game and remain effective. Soccer yes. Basketball yes. Football plays all offense or all defense. IMO, that is also why hockey is much more difficult to market, the "Star" is rarely standing in the same spot or aligned the same way continuously for more than 60 seconds, contrast that to a QB, point guard or Striker and it's easy to see how the average non-hockey fan cannot gravitate towards a hockey star. It's too hard to follow whom the best player is unless you already know hockey or follow the sport. Hockey is the ULTIMATE team sport and that's why I love it, it's also why good ol' boys from the farm with character are valued heavily because at some point every single night that 3rd liner from Saskatchewan has legitimate chance to be THE hero.
  6. So what part of my post are you saying not really to? You're telling me what used to be true while elaborating and essentially agreeing with my entire post. The point of the matter is, 3rd/4th tier players DO have a greater impact in modern day hockey, far more of an impact than other sports. You said nothing that contradicts that. Are you just unwilling to concede that Hockey's bottom tier players have a greater impact on the game? You may not like it but it appears that you are also proving that it is true.
  7. It is funny but that's also because unlike other sports such as football and basketball in hockey you CANNOT dictate a play for your superstar. If so, this stat would not exist: Mario Lemieux, Mark Messier and Gordie Howe have a combined zero career playoff overtime goals. Superstars in hockey don't have as predictable of an imprint as in other sports. That's why good 3rd liners and 4th liners have more of an impact in our sport than play-calling sports: we cannot dictate who gets the puck in OT. Football they can draw something up and toss it to Rice, basketball can give it to Jordan. Hockey? You can't call timeout more than once a game and there is no guarantee inbound play for Wayne Gretzky. That's why we value less skilled guys because the puck has just as much of a chance as ending up on their stick at any given moment. Furthermore, an absolute superstar in hockey that is a forward NEVER plays more than 45% of the game. Jordan played 40/48 minutes. Our bottom tier players have a FAR greater impact on the game than other sports and so proportionately they SHOULD be valued more than their peers in other sports.
  8. With Gomez: Two and a half men Eller Plekanec Gionta As detailed above speed works with Gionta. Size does too. Eller has both. As I said above I want to see Lars on the wing for at least 10 games because I eventually see him paired with Galchenyuk in the top 6. Bourque Gomez Armstrong The raiders of the lost scoring ark. Either Colby's motivation is contagious or this will be float city. Moen White Prust 'Nuff said.
  9. 2013-2014: This is what I foresee as the template we're driving towards. Pacioretty - Desharnais - Cole Hopefully this is legit for a couple of seasons, I'm skeptical. Eller - Galchenyuk - Leblanc The reason why I want Eller and Leblanc getting experience on the wings in 2012. Bourque - Plekanec - Gionta As an actual checking/2 way veteran line, there would be few better in the league. Prust - White - Moen Looks like this is the 4th line for a while. Spare: Dumont, Schultz Gorges - Subban Our number 1 duo for the near future. Markov - Emelin One of them needs to be bumped eventually. Beaulieu - Tinordi Let them get chemistry and make mistakes together. Spare: St-Denis Price Franchise. Desjardins AHL: Gallagher, Dumont Some genius cap work/trades drops Kaberle, Gomez. Bouillon, Armstrong, Budaj walk.
  10. MMW - The Montreal Canadiens will get 90 points this season.
  11. Are there any rumors about Brendan Morrow? He's a poor mans Doan with an expiring contract, coming off an injury riddled season, could be a classic buy low move and if it doesnt work its only a year experiment. Word is St-Louis is looking at him. I'd be thrilled to unload Bourque or Kaberle for Morrow. Dallas could use Kaberle.
  12. I'm sure either of them can play the off-wing. Cole is less effective on the LW from what I remember so I don't foresee breaking up that line. I'd say Gionta is better off since he kinda plays like a table hockey winger and fires from everywhere. Anyways, Doan is a longshot. Lavoie is telling the truth I'm sure but a 35 year old Doan likely only leaves the desert for a cup contender. Which we are not.
  13. Cole needs some love too. First post.
  14. Leading goal scorers need some love. First post.
  15. I know this isn't the exact place to post this but I've been lucky to be alive for the last 2 cups and vividly remember the 1993 win. Still, My favorite Habs moment of all-time is the night Saku Koivu came back from cancer: http://ourhistory.canadiens.com/greatest-moment/The-Return-Of-Saku For me, the moment signifies all that is great about my city and the sport of hockey, we showed an unbelievable amount of class that day and I truly believe Saku Koivu will never forget it. From a personal standpoint, it means that much more because I feel like Koivu used that reception and the treatment he received in our great city to drive the funding for the only PET scanner the city of Montreal has. The reason I'm so appreciative of Koivu, the moment and its contributions is I feel they are all directly related to my best friend whom I just got off the phone with still being alive today. He was rapidly staged with Hodgkins lymphoma using the Koivu scanner and started on Chemo right away and now > 3 years later he remains malignancy free. A delayed diagnosis could have cost us the window for treatment. See, Sports and real life rarely merge in such a sublime fashion for fans but for me the Montreal Canadiens truly have represented the difference between life and death, that is why I love the Habs. That video should be used to recruit any free agent to our city because no other City can offer the opportunity to so deeply impact the lives of its citizens being "just a hockey player" as ours did Saku Koivu. Win or lose, the Habs have my undying admiration for supporting the great cause of a noble captain.
  16. Excellent Summary of the current state: EDIT: Removed link after checking with administration. Blogging site
  17. He's Andrei Kostitsyn with more high-end past success and less hitting. So, most of the posts are similar sentiments to those we all felt for AK. He's good but none of us are sold on what he's going to bring to the table night after night much like AK, on the nights they are good they can be almost great on others you forget they played. AK was and remains a viable top 9 forward as does Bourque, I think all of us and every coach both of them have ever had just wishes they represented more a known commodity nightly, like a Cole, Plekanec or Gionta. At the end of the day, inconsistency is what seperates good players from star players. A star has temporary slumps, good players can take a production hiatus. Bourque falls in the latter category. As a fanbase, we're craving a star.
  18. Him and Lars Eller's success will determine if anything good happens this year or not.
  19. Working the night shift, favorite thread, here we go a different spin for fun: Pac - DD - Cole Bourque - Pleks - Gionta Moen - Eller - Gallagher Prust - White - Armstrong Noke Gorges - Subban Markov - Emelin Beaulieu - Bouillon St-Denis Price Budaj Gomez in the AHL. Kaberle and Weber each traded for picks. I'm bored.
  20. Or a clause that forces you to honor the ENTIRE term even if the player retires if the contract is signed after the age of 30.
  21. Shea Weber is the perfect 10 from High school. The current Habs play the trombone and wear a retainer. Next subject.
  22. Let's be honest, MB and the Habs know they have a free pass this year. Simply, by the law of averages this team will be better than last year. I actually don't mind MB's approach because I truly feel he understood the Blackhawks model. Get some blue-chips and core players, let them develop and when they are ready to "take the step" spend like a drunken sailor for a season and go all out for a cup. (See Hossa, Marian) I actually totally agree with that in the cap world, I feel nowadays its a quick 3 year build, followed by a one year drop-off followed by another 3 year cycle. I see this as aiming for an identity this season, re-instilling pride and establishing our new core of players while weeding dead contracts and waiting for some to expire. Next season incorporate more young players, sign a couple of quality additional players and by year 3 go all out before our next wave of entry level/RFA contracts run out. Taking this season's D corps as an example: We're establishing what roles we see on our pairings in theory: Gorges (Stay-at home shot blocker) - Subban (Number 1/All-around guy/big hitter) Markov (Secondary All around guy) - Emelin (hard hitting/stay at home) Kaberle (Tertiary puck mover) - Bouillon (secondary hard hitter/grizzly veteran) It's a model to build upon and improve with the likes of Beaulieu, Tinordi and Ellis hopefully replacing or stealing roles. Our Forward corps is similar: 1 scoring line 1 all-around line 1 2 way line 1 energy/shift disturber line The model is built and hopefully the parts will come together in front of our Vezina calibre goalie. I think the State of the Habs is on the rise (nowhere to go but up) and believe me if any of you have ever read my posts I am far from the eternal optimist. I just feel that a blueprint is being developed and I like it.
  23. Exactly, thats why I wanted someone to give a source.
  24. Sorry, I wasn't simply being a "hater" his comments were empty and unnecessary. Bergevin said he made a call to Svoboda. I believe him. I also believe it was a short one. MB: Something like: We'd be interested in Jagr, whats he looking for on a 1 year deal? PS: >4 million. MB: Thank you but we're withdrawing from the race. You get the point. It was a quick inquiry.
  25. He's probably better suited to fight Shawn Thornton than Lucic and Marchand would never fight an experienced pound for pound guy like Prust. I'm ok with him shutting Thornton down though, he's the real tough guy, the rest follow him. http://www.hockeyfights.com/fights/110556
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