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  1. 2 more years of this? Yes, please.
  2. Sounds like posturing to me. What he fails to mention is he wanted to come to Montreal last year also and has been flirting with the idea of playing in Canada for a decade. Simply appeasing the masses and driving up market value, while dangling himself for another possible contract next year. Sure, he may have wanted to come here but not more than he NEEDED 4.55 million dollars, thats for sure.
  3. Who has the source for the 4 year/22M deal for Semin in the If I was GM thread?
  4. Good move from the Lightning. They will be tough to deal with this year in the playoffs.
  5. Love the username, reminds me of Vegas I think MB basically said we're standing pat and re-evaluating at camp.
  6. If I were GM, I would do exactly what Bergevin has done up until now with the roster. I would sit and wait now for the rest of the chips to fall around the league and for the next round of salary cap handcuffing moves to be made for Semin and Carle. At this point, we are not cup contenders or even 1 signing away. Eller, Leblanc, Gallagher, Galchenyuk, Bournival, Collberg, Kristo: Based on probability, 2-3 of these kids will become impact top 9 forwards in due time. For Eller hopefully this year, the rest its the next 1-3 years, there is no point on blowing the cap space we're going to gain when Gomez and Kaberle's deals come off the books in 2 years, especially since Pax is going to be RFA next year. Sure, if Semin was available at a reasonable price (<7 million, while Gomez goes to the AHL for 2 years) that would be one thing but he's going to want a long term deal for big money. Forget it. On defence, Beaulieu, Tinordi, Bennett, Ellis, Nash, Thrower, Nygren: Based on probability 2-3 of these kids will be impact NHL defenceman and hopefully one will be a top pairing defenceman. Carle is going to want BIG money and a long term deal. Also, he doesn't appear worth it at the cost of development and future cap space. So, If I was GM, I would try to calm the fanbase and get them onboard with my vision of the future: Homegrown top end talent supported by character pieces in appropriate roles. It's not going to be easy or a short climb but this time it feels like their is a vision for us to scale Stanley Cup mountain in the next few years.
  7. I hope he has been bulking up, with a strong camp I could see him stealing a roster spot.
  8. Semin to the Wings and Carle to the Pens, consolation prizes?
  9. WOW!!!!! Good to see a legit hockey market snag the biggest free agents, it's good for the game when teams like Minnesota end up being the biggest player on the market rather than the usual suspects.
  10. How do you figure? Stop, rejecting the obvious. Even if he burned 6 million dollars in the past, it's evident recovering the most money is his primary motive for returning to the NHL. He's made 7.8 million dollars at the age of 40. He's clearly not here for a cup. Dallas isn't close. Philly wasn't suppose to be as good as they turned out. Detroit and Pitts wanted him for less money. He chose the money 2 years in a row. I think my money theory is by far and away more logic based than the above Dallas vs Montreal debates. Just curious how many places outside Montreal have you lived?
  11. Can he be invited to training camp while under contract in Sweden?
  12. Jagr is a degenerate gambler and needs money. He went to the highest bidder. There's no mystery here nor reason to debate Dallas vs Montreal. FYI: no state income tax. http://www.google.com/search?q=jaromir+jagr+debt&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari
  13. He could, but does that line have an identity? Not good defensively or offensively. Let's just hope Leblanc wins the 3rd line winger spot and Gomez goes to the AHL. I'm optimistic about Bergevin's vision for the team. He knew the team was soft and addressed it right away. I also respect that he knows the 2nd line spot/top 4 are issues but isn't willing to sell the farm for either like the lunatics in Detroit and Pittsburgh before the next CBA. He's hoping to compete/contend for a playoff spot, save some financial flexibility, let the youngsters Galchenyuk/Gallagher/Beaulieu/Tinordi develop all while entertaining us with some ol' time 4th liners and hard hitting defenders. I'm ok with all of this. Whatever the lines are, the team will be better than 15th next year and certainly more fun to watch.
  14. Fair enough. I see Galchenyuk as our future number 1, Plekanec as our number 2 for the next several years, I'm hoping Lars is a top 6 offensive player rather than a 3rd line center. Here's a chance to give him a go full-time with 2 talented, yet responsible players. Again, in the Gomez thread I say I'm hoping Geoffrion, Gallagher or Leblanc snatches Gomez roster spot with an outright TKO but we both know a tie/decision is going to the contract. The reality is there's no other place to line Gomez 7 million dollars up besides 3rd line center or first line AHL. He's not good or big enough to play wing on the second line, isn't feisty enough for a 4th line energy role. Secondary scorer or AHL player, that's all I see Gomez as. I prefer AHL. Won't be shocked by NHL.
  15. I justified my thinking about Gomez in his thread, I really think I am onto something. He's going to be here, lined up like this: Pacioretty - Desharnais - Cole Need to duplicate/improve last years performance...unlikely. 17-19 mins a night. Eller - Plekanec - Gionta Lars needs to make "the jump" for this line and TEAM to be successful this year. 17-19 mins a night. Bourque - Gomez - Armstrong Colby's tenacity and hunger better wear off on the other 2 "bounce-back" guys. 3 35-45 point scorers. 12 mins. Moen - White/Noke - Prust The house will be rocking cuz it's Saturday night! 8-12 mins. Gorges - Subban Not a true number 1 pairing. Our's nonetheless. 20-25 mins. Markov - Emelin I hope Pre-Lucic Komi ends up meeting pre-Gauthier Markov. 20-22 mins Kaberle - Bouillon Why do I wish this was 2006? 15-16 mins Price Vezina or lottery. Budaj needs 15 games. I do not HATE that above lineup, thats not a contending team but it will be competitive, tougher to play against and with a couple of bounce-back/breakout performances it will challenge for a spot from 6-10, which to be honest is where we should aim at this stage while awaiting expiring contracts, buyouts and developing youngsters.
  16. Listen to the commentary during this fight and the event that led to this. A hockey clip couldn't be more awesome than this: http://www.hockeyfights.com/fights/111335 Prust is going to help, it should help us wipe away our soft identity.
  17. He basically got Darches contract. From a hockey standpoint it makes sense. Young, right handed scrappy center vs aging gritty winger, it's totally justified in that way. I am ok with Noke but I LIKED Darche. He's a good guy and the habs will miss having his diehard presence around the locker room. I hope we reward him with a front office job if another NHL team doesn't sign him. I just don't like leaving a good hometown soldier out in the cold singing for his supper. I realize it's a business but Darche has carved out a special place in this City and deserves to be rewarded in some form.
  18. All the best. Ciao señor Campoli.
  19. Darchey don't teach Ryan White or Travis Moen how to speak French. You'll be out of a job.
  20. Say whatever you want about the uselessness of enforcers but last night was the first time I saw some of our players be brave enough to punch back in scrums, I mean even Weber got in someones grill. I don't know if there is anything tangible in it but it is noteworthy.
  21. Entertainment value and protection of our 2 best defenceman PK Subban and Alex Emelin for the next 20 games while the league tries to settle it's scores against our 2 biggest hitters. It's not brilliant but it doesn't crack the Habs top 5 dumb move list of this past season even....ehem...cue impromptu list: 5. Building a defence corps around 2 broken knees, 2 sophomores, 2 geezers and 2 rookies. 4. Firing Jacques Martin 3. Trading Mike Cammalleri in the middle of a game. 2. Hiring a unilingual coach and immediately labeling him a lameduck And number 1.... Re-signing Andrei Markov to a 3 year deal. The handling of this once great star has been an absolute abomination and between him and Scott Gomez's contracts they represent all that is wrong and will not get better with the Habs.
  22. I hope you were renting a place in Montreal with minimal furniture buddy, cuz you're not coming back to Montreal after this road trip.
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