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  1. He's more of the same, that's not a good thing. He's as soft as the rest of our unwilling to drop the gloves D and is an elite skater but isn't as good offensively as Kaberle, has no potential to get better unlike the right shooting Diaz and his shot is nowhere near Yannick Webers. Chris Campoli isn't a bad hockey player he just doesn't have any particularly useful skill to help our team.
  2. Love him as a homegrown feel good story but it's time to make him an assistant coach/14th forward/token french player a la Brisebois in the offseason.
  3. Emelin needs to play instead of Campoli and Diaz right handed shot is needed. I think Yannick Weber is our 7th defenceman right now and that Campoli should be moved to a team like Columbus or somebody needing an expiring contract and depth. To me, the gradient between him, Emelin and Diaz isn't large enough to justify his cap space, I don't see the need for a lineup with Subban, Kaberle, Diaz AND Campoli in it. It's redundant and robs us of our only physical defenceman. It boils down to Campoli vs Diaz at the moment and the right handed shot helps out a lot as 2 out of the 3 assists demonstrate.
  4. I'm disappointed that he hasn't brought more, he's a sentimental favorite of mine because of his educational/lunch pail background and I think his constant presence in front of the media deflects a huge amount of pressure from his younger teammates. I just want to see a nice, honest, thoughtful and humble hometown guy do well. Mathieu, We're all pulling for you, take advantage of living the dream!
  5. Can't finish this year, he'd better start because when White comes back, he'll be first to sit. I like him but he needs to solidify his role.
  6. C'mon, he's not thaaaat bad. He's certainly not NHL level. I wonder if Brian Willsie is any better. He didnt look like much in the preseason. Enqvist isn't our problem, he's not the solution because the 4th line only plays 10 mins a game and doesnt play on the powerplay.
  7. Well Jaro, were gonna need you to party like it's 1999!
  8. Wow. Whatever happened to 3 day injuries? Man, the Habs have tough luck with long-term injuries.
  9. Rough week as a Hab!!!! At the end of the game, we realized how much his smooth skating and experience are needed. 3 weeks is ok, I like the positive thinking about Yemelin but we're looking at: Gill - Subban Gorges - Diaz Spacek - Yemelin For those of you keeping score, that's one sensationally erratic sophomore, one shot-blocking pylon, a recovering cripple, a swiss army knife, a lead footed greybeard and a foreign rookie. OUCH. On a brighter note, Diaz was decent last night and shows some nice poise at the point.
  10. Wow, nice to meet you Mr. Woywitka. Not surprising since NYR were desperate.
  11. I savour it every day, sometimes before practice I’m skating around and I’ll look at the logo on my jersey – I’m playing for the Canadiens!” said the Montreal-born Darche, a childhood Habs fan. Keep living the dream bro, it's refreshing to hear a pro love his life and enjoy his priviledge of realizing ALL of ours dream come true, he's very easy to root for, Go Darche Go!
  12. As I said with Gio, just wanted to post to give Darche a little love. Good veteran leader who knows his role. You would be hard pressed to find a player anywhere better suited to his role and his city than the intelligent, dedicated, hard-working, bilingual, talkative Mathieu Darche in Montreal. His presence in front of the net and the media scrums may be equally important for this team!
  13. Answer: Competitive teams Pierre Gauthier helped build that all failed to win Championships and were widely criticized for being poorly constructed for playoff runs.
  14. Welcome to the forum my sarcastic friend. I've been preaching the need for more toughness throughout the lineup like many people have for a long time. Unfortunately, the JM/PG combination is fundamentally against employing enforcers. I do not disagree with them. I disagree with their complete inability to build tough teams. Jarome Iginla, Corey Perry, Ryan Malone, Milan Lucic, Steve Ott, Steve Downie, Nathan Horton, Todd Bertuzzi, Brenden Morrow, Shane Doan, Ryan Clowe, Scott Hartnell, Dustin Brown the list is endless of tough players around the league, old-time hockey players that can beat you on the scoreboard and beat you up. We have lacked that type of player since Shayne Corson was in his prime, which may be before half the forum members were born. The Habs as an organization fundamentally lack the ability to hone in on a true "power forward" . This isn't a knock on Cole or Pacioretty whom are both good players that I really like but neither of them will EVER be confused for anybody on that above list. They are cervical/concussion history patients that I'm sure know better than to fight. Everybody else also knows they won't, thus removing some of the "power" from their label. Do goons deter these type of hits? To me, the answer is no because the Pens employ 2-3 goons and Crosby/Malkin still get smoked every chance someone gets, the difference is the amount of after the whistle intimidation and/or deliberate attempts to injure are made on Habs players. Campoli may still have been steamrolled regardless of who's on the Habs but the difference is we could have had better retribution than courageous Gorges can provide. I am not upset Malone didn't get suspended, I'm mildly surprised he didnt get 2 games but I objectively believe Shanny did stick to the same explanation he's given in every video. I will leave everybody with some food for thought: WHAT DO THE SENATORS 95-98, DUCKS 98-02, 98 CANADIAN OLYMPIC TEAM AND HABS IN 09-PRESENT ALL FUNDAMENTALLY HAVE IN COMMON ?
  15. Brad Boyes hit is most comparable. He got 2 games but Campoli ducked so Malone got none. That's what it boils down too.
  16. Right too bad we don't have anybody to apply these lessons It was borderline. The message Shanny is sending is: I played the game, I was physical, be responsible, don't seek out others solely to hurt them but at the same time if the guy puts himself in a bad spot, I don't hold you fully responsible. I actually think if this hit didn't affect a Hab, we'd all focus on the objectivity and realize Shanny is walking a very thin line and I think he just re-traced it. Brad Boyes vs Ryan Malone's hit. The explanation is sudden movement, listen yourself at 30 seconds:
  17. As I said it was borderline. Sometimes the best way to watch these is in real time, he did move right before being hit but as you pointed out it was not a clean hit. As I said, Malone did leave his feet and he elbow was high but Campoli was leaning forward. Also, Him not being injured was a factor and Malone not being a repeat offender. Also, the NHL has a open season on Habs policy that we forgot I am not shocked at no suspension. 2 games would have appeased both sides.
  18. To be objective, Shanny has repeatedly stated no sudden movements prior to contact or vulnerable position. Campoli did both he ducked his head and reached down for the puck right before the hit. Malone did leave his feet though, borderline hit but I suspect Shanny has been spoken too about overdoing it with the suspensions and will let this borderline one go.
  19. It's also a "resurgent" year for Gomez.
  20. He probably also sees it as a legitimate shot to be on the powerplay and earn top 4 minutes.
  21. Mr.W has a 2-way contract. Mr. Diaz will be gone soon. Mr.Yemelin and Mr. Weber will start the year with the team for sure.
  22. True but he seems to play a north-south game, which always gives big guys a chance in the right situation/role.
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