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  1. Needs to put on 10 lbs of muscle and work on his foot speed before becoming a legitimate 3rd line prospect. He should be able to work on both in Hamilton.
  2. Hello, Mr. Campoli. Goodbye, Mr. Woywitka. Good luck in Hamilton, Jeffrey.
  3. Earned it. Played well, looks to be AHL ready and fringe NHL potential.
  4. Campoli is a one and done. He's a poor man's Wisniewski as a replacement/band-aid/panic move to temporarily replace Markov and give time for the young guys to be eased into action. Weber isn't quite ready, Yemelin hasn't quite adjusted yet and somebody needs to eat 20-22 minutes a night while playing on the PP. Ask yourself this question: Who out of Campoli, Spacek, Weber, Yemelin, Woywitka and Diaz would I prefer playing 20+ minutes a night and on the powerplay with Subban TO START THE SEASON? Now, the move makes some sense. 27, NHL experienced and a known 2nd wave PP guy. Gorges is a rock and core player on the team, he'll be signed long-term this summer after Spacek retires and frees up money.
  5. Was explained nicely a few posts back. Borderline NHL defenceman with experience brought in as a barometer for prospects and saftey net for injured veterans on a 2 way deal. I think it was a sneaky good signing. Or, in short, a slight upgrade from Alexandre Picard in the toughness and skill department.
  6. Can Jeff Woywitka get a little love? Am I the only one with a sneaking suspicion that he will end up playing >20 games for the Habs this season?
  7. Thanks for creating the thread. I think Woywitka is better than Alexandre Picard and has a chance at stealing a roster spot in camp. He's likely number 8 on the depth chart right now or battling Diaz to be number 8 behind: Markov, Subban, Gorges, Gill, Spacek, Emelin, Weber. If all goes well this season Woywitka might replace Spacek and slide into the 7 spot on the depth chart. He could also conceivably be the 7th d-man out of camp if Weber is considered our 13th forward. Either way, this was another sneaky pickup by PG because he agreed to a 2-way contract which I suspect Stalman would not have. Here's what I/O, had to say: http://www.hockeyinsideout.com/news/who-is-jeff-woywitka Welcome to the Habs organization.
  8. Hi, you are doing a great job with the player pages. I noticed Jeff Woywitka was missing from the prospects and player page.

  9. Solid veteran option for the playoffs. Nothing more nothing less. Limit his minutes early in the season and dress him for ~65 games, particularly the last 10 prior to the playoffs unless one of the young guys really shines and makes him a 7th d-man, I think odds are he's a regular bottom pairing d-man come April.
  10. I feel that andrei being cast as a top 6-9 forward is finally putting him into a position with less pressure and a greater chance to succeed. I think he can do for us what Mikael Samuelsson did on the Red Wings in the 05-06 season. He can play against less talented matchups and really stretch the offensive depth. Also, as an established NHL player he can really help boost our 3rd line. 20 goals, 140 hits on the first line is not very impressive. It's not terrible but it isnt satisfying given his linemates, pp time, and skills. However, if you have a lineup that gets that kind of production out of somebody on the third line, you have an excellent chance to challenge for a division title. I think Andrei will have a sneaky season on the third line with Eller and will end up getting a long term contract with the HABS after this season. I predict: 80GP 21 G 25A 46PTS +6 50PIM 150HITS To me, that would be an amazing season for a 3rd line winger.
  11. What is it that this young man is missing? On the surface he seems to have all the qualities of an NHL defenceman. the signing of Diaz was not good for Matt. Someone that watches the Bulldogs please explain to me why this 6 foot 200 + lbs right handed smooth skating puck-moving d-man hasn't earned the teams trust? Is he not physical enough? Poor decision making? It just seems that by now, he would have earned a long hard look with the big club. Now, it does appear as though he is AT BEST number 9 on the depth chart: Markov, Subban, Gorges, Gill, Spacek, Emelin, Weber, Diaz... Please explain what's lacking.
  12. I'd personally like to see Mara on the Left and Spacek on the right on the third pairing but Jacques wants a righty and a Cup winner in Sopel. Can't argue vs that viewpoint either. The above poster may be correct, all 7 might dress and Pyatt may sit.
  13. Imagine what his playoff beard will look like!!!
  14. People are down on this kid, but I think he quietly does his job and I have no problem with keeping him on the roster as a 13th forward once Darche gets back. There's no reason to subject him to waivers, we are not gaining much by losing him for free possibly and there is no reason to call up Dawes or Boyd. They like Pyatt can score in the AHL. I'd say they are all interchangeable 4th liners with Pyatt having an edge in longevity within the system and a very solid playoff run last year. He is a solid NHL 4th liner, that can kill penalties, nothing more and nothing less. Keep him and use him if necessary, he may not win you a game but he will not lose one either.
  15. This is not at all inaccurate. It's true he didnt play well in his first stint with the team but I understand PG logic in making this move. He states a few things with this move: #1 - The Habs are open for business #2 - He values his cap space #3 - He agrees with the general public that the Habs need more grit. I like the move for some of those above reasons as well as the intangibles he brings like experience, leadership and familiarity with the system. From a Hockey standpoint, it's a decent move not a big splash or even an upgrade over Picard or Nash for that matter at first glance. The only thing Mara brings to the Habs defence corps is a big body that WILL DROP THE GLOVES. I truly believe that Mara is a guy comfortable being a depth d-man and sitting out without causing a stir and the next time the Habs are on the ice with Horton and Lucic, Mara will be the first to defend his teammates with full force. I think this is a solid move. It makes a lot of sense. I am not thrilled about the acquisition of Paul Mara, but for his salary and a 5th round pick it's solid.
  16. I hope he plays, this is his tryout for 3rd line center in waiting status, he can leapfrog Maxwell with a strong showing. Halpern is a very good player but I like the idea of a big right handed 3rd/4th line center for next season that is already signed and is not that young.(will be 24 by then) I'm interested to see if he's able to hang onto the puck and stand the physical play better than Maxwell.
  17. Interesting Streit comparison, the only X-factor that I think is the huge difference is the bark factor. Yup, I said bark factor, the Wiz has a physical edge to him and some of that American swagger that both Streit and Bergeron didnt have. I mention MAB because of this Bertran Raymond (cough cough) masterpiece: http://www.rds.ca/canadien/chroniques/313067.html For those who dont read french, he's essentially saying that Wiz may be marginally better than MAB but is going to sign for ~4million this year, while MAB has to beg for food. The article is completely slanted obviously but he makes one good point MAB can score and nobody should ever take that away from him, there really is no excuse why a team like TB was the only one to approach him when several teams like Columbus, New Jersey, Islanders, Panthers and Blues could certainly use him as a PP specialist. I do think MAB has earned a one way contract at this point in his career. Anyways, the Wiz is young, makes a good breakout pass, uses his entire frame and for my mind still improving, so he's clearly the better fit for the Habs.
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