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  1. it was based on a true story and yea I can also rate that movie 9/10 an almost perfect score.
  2. false. The poster below me water's his cactus early in the morning.
  3. indeed it was a good contribution since he worked hard for those things he could render.
  4. that should keep Jerry the rat away from your house and especially in your kitchen since you have the cat buddies with you.
  5. there you go. Nice uniforms and all they need are the gears to win a championship.
  6. False. I prefer Apple pie The Poster below me always order a Big Mac.
  7. false But I'll think about it lol. The Poster Below me keep staring at clock early in the morning.
  8. i just watched possession from Sarah Michelle Gellar and it was quite impressive. I thought it was a horror film but the story was all about something else. I would rate the movie 8/10 because if I was the director I would have preferred a different ending.
  9. 7/10 after watching Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole Poster Those owls made a point of survival techniques and talents not a bad movie after all.
  10. false coz I am watching Piranha. The movie kicked and surprised me at the ending part were in the parent fish jumped and it shocked me bad lol. The Poster below me is pulling dead hair.
  11. LOL but I pity them since others were so unfortunate. Some of them woke up freaking out thinking they were riding a cruise ship when they were inside there house.
  12. PELHAM 123 = 9/10 INCEPTION = 9/10 both were great movies I watched. Mr. John Travolta and Denzel Washington kicked ***** on pelham 123.
  13. its as simple as tapping the head and everything will just be fine after asking apologies.
  14. falls haven't tried it. The poster below me bites it's nails a lot.
  15. i saw tourist and it was a good movie since the cast were Angelina Jolie and johnny Depp. And again Johnny Depp plays another character in here. And he portraits is like the real character. It was a good movie the twist and climax was good. Angelina still has the appeal and aura.
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