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  1. There's also a Habs tablecloth in the bottom right but it's mostly off-screen
  2. Here's a pic I took earlier with the webcam on my laptop
  3. I'd have posted if you had mentioned me Just kidding FH I might do it anyway, as soon as I find someone to take my picture because I don't own a camera and haven't taken a pic of myself in about 5 years, lol
  4. He had a couple nice strong shots last night, one of which directly led to Eller's first goal. For a guy who is known for his defense if anything, he's actually got a pretty decent shot.
  5. New strategy: once we have a lead, Gill and Mara put on extra pads and go lay down across the goal line for the rest of the game
  6. I hope his next trade is for a more useful guy than Mara...
  7. I'm not sure about the trustworthiness of the source. It is Canoe after all... Until a more official source tells us what's up with Gill I'm assuming it's not too serious.
  8. Mine's that way too. Changed sometime yesterday
  9. The explanation here is that the management sees us as cup-worthy in the next few seasons but not this one, so there's no need to sacrifice the future for what they consider somewhat of a lost cause. And you know what, I kinda agree with their philosophy because we would be a lot better without all the injuries and with more experience on our young players. I'm not saying we should pack up and quit this season, because we have a pretty good shot in playoffs, but there's no question we'll have a better team next season and the season after that. So I'd rather if we didn't go after any big guns like the other guys are doing.
  10. I understand we're weak at the blue line, but there had to have been better options available than Mara... Last year for us he got 0 goals 8 assists and a -16 rating in 42 games. Not exactly the kind of guy we're looking for
  11. Honestly with all the talent we have to bring up to the big club in the coming seasons, that's probably not happening. Halpern is good at his assignment (winning faceoffs and being solid on the 4th line), but he'll never be more than a 3rd line center and the young guys will bump him off the depth chart eventually. I wouldn't even be surprised at all if we got rid of him over this offseason.
  12. I'm in the USA next week for spring break... Gonna miss 3 games because the only Habs game they're showing is the Heritage classic. Booooooooo :(

    1. ColRouleBleu


      At least you're not missing that event

    2. Breathe


      True but those will be the first Habs games I miss all year :/

    3. Breathe


      I'll pass on that one

      You'd just answer Gio for everything ;)

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