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  1. Actually a good friend of mine was born in Montreal and is a Habs fan. So, I really don't have any beef with the Habs, I actually pull for you when you play Boston. Can't stand Boston, Buffalo and Jersey.
  2. Well, just wanted to say good luck yall. Finally get a good chunk of guys back from injury and our starting goalie gets hurt. O, well hopefully it will be a better game than our last meeting with yall. Peters did alright against Buffalo but yall are definitely a different team. Anyways, hope for a good game and hope to see yall in the playoffs. GO CANES !!!
  3. Not Quite but Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle are close to where I'm at. South of the Border Man, I haven't been by one of those in a while.
  4. I live in Eastern North Carolina in a little town called New Bern. About 25 minutes from the beach
  5. Thank ya. I wasn't sure how it would come across me being here. I read in some other NHL forums were it seems that some hardcore hockey fans have disdain for newbies to the game and I reckon fans of newer franchises. But thank you for being welcoming.
  6. Sup yall, Well, I'll start off by saying that I root for the Carolina Hurricanes. I'm Carolina born and bred but I do have alot of respect for yall's team and long history. One of my good friends is Canadian and he is a Habs man. Anyway, I hope we can creep into the top 8 spots there for the playoffs and hopefully see each other. Take care.
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