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  1. Very true. The poster below me believes we can keep up that good play and beat the sens tonight!
  2. I made one using Photo House but when i go to its properties, there is not URL address listed there so i cant use it as my sig...
  3. How do i put a picture as my sig? I cant figure it out haha
  4. Absolutely false. The poster below be lives in or close to Montreal
  5. This is the pic i wanna use and all i want to do is get rid of that white on the bottom but i just cant get it to work! Edit: Apparently I cant even post pictures correctly?
  6. No, im using Corel Photo House. Im only trying to cut the bottom part out of a picture and then i will use it as my sig but it wont work. I keep going to crop image but its still not working right. Also, hurricane Igor was pretty bad here yesterday and alot of peoples power went out. Across the street there is no power! Im hoping I keep my power!!!!
  7. You're not the only one having problems! Im trying to make one too and its not working out too well.
  8. False, hurricane Igor hit St. Johns, NL pretty hard and the power went so I couldn't access the computer and I don't have it on my iPod yet! The poster below me believes that Carey Price can and will succeed this season!
  9. From Habs website: Major Tom: Under the radar at his first Habs camp a year ago, Pyatt is anything but an unknown this year. Arguably the strongest skater on both sides not named Maxim Lapierre or P.K. Subban, Pyatt helped open the scoring by setting up Desharnais’ goal before banging home a Lapierre rebound for a goal of his own. “I’m feeling good, better each day. We all work hard in the summer, but you don’t get this type of intensity until you’re at camp,” said Pyatt, who skated on a line with Lapierre and Desharnais. “I think our line worked well. Speed is our game and we used it. I feel faster and stronger than last year, I know that much.”
  10. From canadiens website: The other Andre: Andreas Engqvist thrilled the crowd by notching the shootout clincher, but the big Swede has bigger plans. “Leaving Europe is something I wanted to do because playing in the NHL has always been my dream. I’ll do whatever it takes to get there,” vowed the 6-foot-4 center, who also chipped in with an assist. “I’ll play in Hamilton if I have to and besides the AHL is the closest you can get to the NHL. It will be a good way for me to learn the North American game, too.”
  11. He will wear number 15 this year according to Montreal Canadiens Twitter.
  12. When I posted that there was going to be big news... I didn't think this was what they meant.I thought it would be more than signing autographs
  13. Halaks agents twitter: "Stay tuned for some big Jaroslav Halak news tomorrow"
  14. It was definitely Panger. Pierre laughed at it too much afterwards. Yeah it was funny but he got a bit out of hand if u ask me lol
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