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  1. True, wait false... Aiyeeeeeeeeeee The poster below me is NOT clues.
  2. False The poster below me hates bieber (death of many things including TV)
  3. If the G-Love don't fit, you must make cap space with him. Also, go Benny, or known as giant mexican chicken on twitter for his extreme tan last year.
  4. Maple Leafs post-season party? Nobody'd think to find them in Montreal.
  5. False Black. The person below me will be having some BEvERages with the next game.
  6. True, but beer and good TV shows (and a dirty habit in reading (a leafs blogger)) makes the time to a bit faster. The person below wants the habs to lose.
  7. Already on. The poster below me has a jersey with a player who is no longer with the team.
  8. Really, just save it for March 10
  9. Why is the real star of the game stripping?
  10. Man FH10, I didn't recognize ONE of those players....
  11. Uncool move cat, just like Zdeno Chara... kind of looks like him too.
  12. But coach said I could have a cookie!
  13. True (wouldn't have just bought a jersey if I didn't! The poster below me wishes that France made it to the olympics in hockey.
  14. Hard to say, pretty muffled Though I'm pretty sure I heard some horns and short skirt, long jacket recently......
  15. Cake and lots of it!