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  1. My name is Christopher

    Originally from Thunder Bay Ontario, now live in Edmonton because there isn't much work for a Civil Engineering Technolgist there.

    My all time favorite Canadian is Patrick Roy. Even though I cried myself to sleep everynight when Roy was dealt, I found it in me to stay loyal to Canadien de Montreal, still am and always will be.

    Allthough there are many all time favorite players and it is hard to mentioin one in particular because I believe the best player is a player that can adapt. Guy Carbonneau was adapted well..."If you can't win, help the person in front of you break the record."

    I might add my step father did a good job informing of how great other montreal canadian greats were. His favorite was Sir Jean Belevieu. He says good things about Sir Bob Gainey, and Sir Larry Robinson too.

    I don't have a favorite player right now but I can mention a couple. Christopher Higgins because he's good down low and would be even better if he could go to the net more with a quick shot. I also like Gregory Stewart because he threw down with McCabe in his NHL debut. He also demonstrated an awerness for the play and if he is careful to adjust to the NHL tempo will realize his potential. I guess you can say I'm a fan of the unsung heros because I believe they make the real difference.

    I will never say I like any other team even though I live in Edmonton now because I'm a loyalist, but I will salute the Oilers just not against my boyz....

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