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  1. Heading to Montreal early tomorrow morning with a bunch of friends. Osheaga here we come!

  2. Heading to Montreal in about 3 and a half weeks! Cant wait

    1. kinot-1


      If you get lost,,,just tell someone you're a Habs tourist. :)

  3. I have MSN but I dont use it very much anymore

  4. Grand Falls-Windsor. Do you use AIM or MSN?

  5. Hey, MTLTORFanatic.

    I am from Mount Pearl, how about yourself?

  6. I see I meet someone else from the Rock. I am from the Rock as wall. Central. Nice to meet you. What you from?

  7. Thanks! I'm lovin it, the game was a blast! I think our team could go pretty far this season, but that's off topic. As for the Bulldogs, Gabriel Dumont scored his first of the season and looked really good all game. St Denis looked good as well. Was he on the first pairing with Henry? Conboy looked good too. He threw some nice hits and was looking for a fight. And of course Lawson suprised me. The main area of concern (well, maybe not for us Ice Caps fans! ) was the Dogs being outshot 40-18 and 41-21 in both games. Theyre gonna need more shots than that. David Aebisher (that's right lol) played pretty bad in the 4-0 Dogs win also.
  8. I'd rather we call up Conboy
  9. TBH, I was so caught up in the excitement of finally having hockey back in St. John's, I never really paid too much attention to some Hamilton players. Nattinen didn't really stick out to me or anything but that can be a good or bad thing. Nothing GREAT offensively but did nothing bad either. Wish I could tell you more, I'm a Habs fan, but a proud Newfoundlander first!! He looked like he MIGHT have been playing a top 6 role, but that is just from one shift I think so he may have got caught on a change or something
  10. The Dogs played my St. John's Ice Caps last night and the night before. The first game resulted in the 4-0 SO but last night's game was a 6-2 win for the Caps. Nattinen played last night, but no sign of Loui. Trotter looked very good in the game I went to (the 6-2 loss) and played well in the other game too which I watched on TV. Lawson seems to be playing very well and Conboy was throwing a lot of hits and looking good out there as well. The team looks pretty good but were outshot 40-18 and 41-21 in both of the games here in St. John's!
  11. This
  12. Any update on Campoli? I recall someone saying we L'antichambre saying we would know whether or not he had a concussion a few hours after the game or something
  13. Looked like a football player the way he took down Malone after he and PK got into it Love seeing things like that from the teams leaders
  14. He will wear number 17. as per Montreal Canadiens offical Twitter.
  15. IMO, if he is going to be in our plans for the future, the rest of the team will need to get bigger. By the time he gets uo here a few (if not all) our smaller core's contracts will be gone. These guys will need to be replaced by bigger guys, which I think was the plan regardless of Gallagher's play. As for him not being able to overcome his small stature, all we've seen from him when he was relatively weak was against Myers, a 6'8 222 pound beast. I'm sure Gionta and St. Louis struggle against the huge physical d men too. I think he will be fine. Sure, he might struggle, but everyone has their weaknesses PLUS he has plenty of time to bulk up a bit. But it's still early, who knows what could happen