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  1. The negativity on the board is amazing. I agree that it's going to take some creativity to make us a contender, but it's not impossible. People act like acquiring Tavares won't even help us. It will be hard to acquire JT, but if we can putt it off without giving up Sergachev, it would be HUGE. Swap Sergachev out of that offer and replace him with Juulsen and maybe someone else too, and we'd have to do it. It makes us a better team.
  2. Neither of those guys are impact defensemen. For them to trade the 3 OA it's going to take a guy who is at least a proven top 4. Juulsen has the potential to become one but that may take years if it ever happens.
  3. Neither of these last 2 proposals are eve close to enough. Gonna take more than that to pry a top 6 C, the 3rd overall and a good prospect. And a late first, a big question mark in Beaulieu and a 2nd for the 3rd overall and a solid prospect in Honka. No chance. I really think that our best option is to trade any prospect not name Sergachev, our first and probably another piece or 2 for Duchene. Give Duchene first line duties and commit to a full season of Galchenyuk at center. Im not really huge on Duchene, but he is much better than what we have now. Duchene-Galchenyuk-Danault is MILES better that what we iced at the start of the playoffs in Danault-Pleks-Shaw.
  4. I think it's too early to pass judgment on Scherbak. Yes, he had a bit of a rough first pro season, but that happens a lot. Lots of players struggle in their first pro season and go on to have good careers. He had a rough go this year with injuries and we have to at least give him a full season before we judge him. I disagree about him having "no heart" or "care for the game". watched him in STJ too, and from what I saw, he actually looked alright, just didn't get the points. Regardless, it's much too early to say he's going nowhere at just 20 years old.
  5. Thats why we need to take advantage of the minor system and groom a young, bilingual, good coach in the AHL. Get a young coach with upside from the Q and see if he can start winning in the minors. SL clearly isn;t getting the job done in STJ and it is doing us no good keeping him there. He's had some decent teams since he took over and hasn;t made the playoffs once. The french coaching pool is dry right now and the only way to get a good one will be to develop one ourselves. In the mean time, hire Boucher as Therrien's replacement. Even if he;s not an upgrade, at least we tried. Keep him here for a few years until a younger new guy is ready. Bringing Benoit Groulx into our coaching staff would make a lot of sense. If he is willing to accept an AHL head coaching job or an NHL asistant job, he could possibly be groomed to become head coach of the Habs one day.
  6. Isn't that what rebuilding is? Giving up assets for futures?
  7. I think if you go to a rebuilding team, an offer of a pick + Andrighetto or Carr could be enough to get them to part with a top 6 player.
  8. Just posted this in the GM thread, but it probably belongs here. Pacioretty-Galchenyuk-Gallagher Ladd/Boedker-Plekanec-Andrighetto Hudon-Eller-Carr Byron-Danault-Mitchell Flynn Beaulieu-Subban Markov-Petry Barberio-Pateryn UFA I can also see using Andrighetto/Carr as trade bait to try to improve. It could also open up a spot for McCarron MT gets fired (though I dont think that will happen) and Guy Boucher is hired as his replacement. Benoit Groulx is contacted for an NHL assistant job or AHL head coaching job. Adam Oates also contacted for an assistant job. Time to clean house in the NHL and AHL coaching positions. No point in having a guy like SL here in St. John's losing. Time to grrom someone in the AHL to eventually become head coach of the Habs. Get Groulx or another successful Q coach.
  9. I agree with everything. With Pleks in the last year of his contract and our need for a #1C, we need to see what a 1-2 punch or Galchenyuk-Eller can do. However with MT I imagine we will see DD-Plekanec-Eller down the middle again.
  10. I would love to see Eller get some more offensive linemates this season. I think he and Hudon could mesh well if Hudon makes the team. Both play a great defensive game and have good speed and skill. But a guy like Kassian or Weise on the right side and I think we could have a great 3rd line.
  11. Hopefully DSP shows up to camp in better condition this season. I don;t really see him becoming a top 6 guy, but at the very least he could be a good top 9 guy and make his living in front of the net on the PP.
  12. More specifically, Mount Pearl, NL. Next to St.John's/
  13. Still think he could be a decent top 6 player given the right linemates and opportunity.
  14. I;d sit Prust for sure. He's not helping right now. We would not be able to use his spot for Andrighetto though, as he was not called up with the black aces (injury?). But an of Hudon, Thomas, Carr could be more useful there.
  15. I'd rather see any of Bournival, Andrighetto, Hudon, Thomas, PAP, or even Weise on the third line over Prust right now.
  16. I heard he is doing very well on the PP. He was the Swiss captain at the WJC and their whole PP ran through him. Cant wait for him to come over.
  17. Thanks, Anyone know of any CapGeek alternatives? God I hate that all these websites are being taken down.. Does anyone know what actually happened with CapGeek?
  18. What is the best site for analytics/advanced stats these days? Looking for things like zone starts, Corsi (team and players), etc.
  19. Just wanna acknowledge my name change, though it happened several days ago. I've abandoned BreakAwayGoal13 for NewfoundlandHab. Gotta represent the Rock! And not the Wrestler....
  20. ^Will be assigned to Hamilton if not claimed.
  21. Placed on waivers today, per Renaud Lavoie
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