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  1. As much as I sometimes hate to admit it... Absolutely true. The poster below me is a student.
  2. When and if there is a season, I'd like to start with this lineup: Pacioretty-Desharnais-Cole Eller-Plekanec-Gionta Gomez-Galchenyuk-Armstrong Moen-White-Prust Nokalainen Subban-Gorges Markov-Emelin Boullion-Diaz Weber After 9 games, Galchenyuk likely goes back to Sarnia, Gomez goes to 3rd line centre, Moen moves up to third line LW, White to 4th line LW and Noke takes his spot. Guys like LeBlanc/Palushaj/Geoffrion could get a spot but we dont have much room.
  3. My guess is the fourth line centre spot goes to Dumont with Blunden going in his spot and probably Schultz on the right wing. Quailer may have to fit in here somewhere too.
  4. Just signed Zack Stortini to an AHL contract as well
  5. I hope MT will put an end to Moen in the top 6. Unless, of course, HAVE to. I'd much rather see LeBlanc, Eller, Palushaj, Geoffrion or even Armstrong there.
  6. I don't know how one could think he will NOT be due for a few million dollar raise. Assuming he has another close to 60 pt season, many will consider him a proven top 6 center. He's one of our craftiest players, and if he can still manage to produce despite his size I think there will be quite a number of teams interested. As of right now I would opt to trade him because of Pleks, Eller, Galchenyuk (as many people have stated before) and hopefully he has another good season so we caqn get the maximum return for him.
  7. Of all the players in the entire NHL that the Jets could target in return for Kane, I dont know why they would target PK. His potential is high, yes. But, the Jets already have Byfuglien, Enstrom AND Bogozian. Kane could get a pretty big return, so I dont see why they wouldnt use him in a trade to upgrade in other positions instead of loading up on D.
  8. Signed to a 2 year deal, as per Darren Dreger
  9. Just realized TBHF has already posted what I said above in the Free Agency thread.
  10. I wouldn't say "a" number one D.. But just "our" number one D. At the moment he is, obviously, our best D man. But we're not exactly stacked on the back end. Subban has only played 2 seasons, so its fine that he's not a legit #1 guy yes, but he's not far away from becoming a legit number 1, IMO.
  11. Reading on Twitter that Doan is interested in signing here. There's multiple sources saying so, however im not sure how reliable they are. I looked around for sources that I know, but couldnt find any. Lots of Doan/Canucks rumours though, too.
  12. I would assume Bourque-Eller-Armstrong. As for Geoffrion, I dont really know enough about him to decide whether or not he can be a good 4th line centre, or even an NHLer at all, but I don't see why we can't at least give him a try at that position. I think the main thing that will determine whether White or Geoffrion is the best fit, is faceoff percentage. With Armstrong, Eller, Prust and Moen in the bottom 6, White does lose some value for us. But we need to get better in the faceoff circle, so this should be the determining factor between the two. Of course, we could (likely) end up starting with Noke in that role.
  13. Yeah I wouldnt do the trade unless we are somehow guaranteed to have Weber long term.
  14. If we did manage to land Semin it would clearly make us a better team. I understand why one would be a little weary about signing him long term, given his history of being inconsistent and "lazy", but as we all know, we have a glaring hole on the left side and to pass him up if we have a chance at him is just foolish. I'd consider breaking up the top line and putting DD with Semin. I feel like that might be the best way to get the most out of Semin because of how crafty DD is. On the other hand, Pleks with some good linemates could probably be just as effective.
  15. Wow. Great day for the Wild! Hopefully now this means some of the other big names (Doan, Carle, Semin) still out there will sign soon. And hopefully we can land one or two of them!
  16. Is there any way my username can be changed? As you probably know the "13" in "BreakAwayGoal13" was for Cammy, but since he is gone, I wouldnt mind changing it. If he was just traded under normal circumstances like Spacek or Gill, I wouldnt mind. But the dramatic fashion in which he left makes me want to change my name. I WOULD probably keep the BreakAwayGoal part and just change the number, but as we have no real sniper on this team anymore, it might be better to change the whole name now if possible.
  17. I always thought since Ryder left that the Habs needed another Newfoundlander Now I want him to make the Habs even more
  18. I have MSN but I dont use it very much anymore

  19. Hey, MTLTORFanatic.

    I am from Mount Pearl, how about yourself?

  20. Thanks guys ! Having a great birthday so far! Will celebrate tonight by going to the IceCaps game and hopefully watching a big win!
  21. Got re-claimed by the Jets. Coming back here to St.Johns now!
  22. The time is messed up for me. For instance it says the last post in the Gomez thread was Today at 1:02, but it's only 12:25 here
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