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  1. False The poster below me likes That 70's Show (Watching it right now lol )
  2. I found a couple on google that I really like but couldn't post the pictures here using the google link. One was a picture of him celebrating a goal and one was a pic during a fight. If you can incorporate one or both of those in it that would be great! Of course I don't expect you to find those exact pictures but anything that fits those descriptions. Also I think the fight was with a B's player,
  3. Yeah, I just checked those threads out and got pretty much all the info I was lookin for. Thanks Beaubie and HTL!
  4. When does it usually start? I'm really interested in getting involved in fantasy hockey. This will be my first season so I don't really know too much about it or how to start.
  5. Is there a Fantasy Hockey thread on this board anywhere? I never saw one but it could be a good idea.
  6. False. The poster below me owns a motorcycle!
  7. True. The poster below me is happy we did not end up signing Jagr. *Also, my apologies for not quoting kinot. I replied to the same one he responded to so I then had to go back and change mine and didnt know if i could delete a post or not.
  8. Speaking as a teenage male who, often times, does stroll about with his pants a tad lower than they ought to be... It's just a fashion thing I guess. To be honest, I have NO idea why I wear my pants like this, but I just do. I actually started doing it because when I sat down my pant legs would come up above my sock and the little area between my jeans and my sock got cold Ever since then, even with bigger jeans, I still do it. It's just a fashion thing. I could ask you older folks why you wore a lot of things back in the 70's and 80's! lol
  9. Can someone make me a Ryan White sig? It would be much appreciated!
  10. Dont think I ever did this but I could be wrong. Either was I will introduce myself (again) Real Name: Kris Age: 17 Live: Mount Pearl, Newfoundland Favorite Current Hab: PK or Ryan White. White brings exactly what we need right now. Favorite All Time Hab: Jean Beliveau Favorite Non-Hab: Ovi I also used to have an account on the Forum by the user name klacour. However, when the forum changed a while ago I could not log on to that account anymore and then stopped posting. Eventually I needed my fill of Forumage and started experiencing withdrawls from going so long with out it so I figured it was time to create a new account!
  11. No one had any idea that players like Backes would turn out the way they did. some people jus bloom later than others and Kostitsyn looked very promising at the time and up until a few years ago still looked like he could be a legit sniper. Sure, I'd love to have Carter, Getzlaf or any of those players, but at the time we got a promising young sniper. He is a key part of our depth now and gives us balance in our line up and bottom six scoring. I for one would like to see him re-sign here for a few more years, especially if his chemistry with Lars Eller continues from last season. I think people need to stop looking at what we could have gotten and just root for the guys we have now and hope they succeed. Go AK Go!
  12. Two seasons ago (I think) he was with the Habs for 2 games and I, along with several TSN guys thought he looked solid in his appearances. Is he more of a bottom pairing guy or could he fit into our top 4 one day?
  13. We got a much bigger player with some NHL experience. Not a bad trade. Roughly the same age too
  14. Something I don't understand is why people do this goth/emo thing. Is there a need to be constantly serious, wear all black, be intentionally pail and listen to people scream at you in your music? Why would you want to listen to that? And also headphones are used so that you can listen to your music.. Why do people have to listen to it so loud I can hear it from across the room? That can't be good for your ears!
  15. True the poster below me has not completed university/college
  16. we made it through 2 rounds of the playoffs last year without a number one Dman and were praised for devensive play(although most of that was our goaltending). If Brent Sopel can block shots and eat up PK time like Gorges, our Defence is really not that different from last year. I dont think Brent will be as good as Gorges but he's got playoff experience that Gorges does not have and maybe that can help us out.
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