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  1. Benn getting hated? Second best perfotmance according to his contract and expectations and responsibilities .
  2. Because these guys are better. Reilly is clearly stunted and missed his trajectory for years. Juulsrn has a lot to prove. And injuries seem commonplace for him. Is he durable or just two soft. Fluery? A lot to prove still. Keep the guys that are better. And add a good FA D. Chase Forward and D players. And these guys will be affordable. Folin’s ee r t price was good.
  3. Not on the mark. Sorry. Wrong glasses.
  4. Needs to be released. Overall a subpar player. I thought he might be a good player. I too was wrong. Not worth his contract. Hopefully he’s traded.
  5. It’s a solid middling team. Close. Competitive. But it needs an offensive star. And I think Bergeron knows it. I expect him to chase some of the serious offensive stars in FA this year. And add a top four defenseman. Or viceversa. A top two Dman and yet another competent but non star forward. Habs def need one of the top 5 FA this year to climb into the playoffs next year.