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  1. Byron was up last game. I guess they floated him out of hopes or curiosity if there would be takers. Hmm... I think Drouin might just go to Taxi next. Any takers?
  2. Mete played well last Game. He always plays well quite frankly. Nothing wrong with his game. Just a very good group. he’s not a forward either. He’ll make it through this year and then we will see who gets taken in the expansion draft snd such. He will play in the league for a long time to come. Hope it’s here.
  3. It’s hard to argue with Edmundson’s plus minus. And Petry’s production. But with Webber slowing down offensively and defensively this year, I’d actually like to see how he looks with a few lesser minutes playing beside Romanov. Even fir just a few games. Overall Chaiiot looks awfully good this year. Imo. Better than last year actually. So I’m also content leaving it as it is.
  4. Great. If you are a dozen games in and no one is injured, that’s a rare blessing. Good stuff. Teams seem much healthier overall these days In General. Funny how that goes, when you take a harder stance on slashing, cross checks, head blows, etc. It’s a much much better league. And talent is in display.
  5. KK and Suzuki continue to suck huge in the face-off circle. They gotta get better. They are horrid. Otherwise. Good job. Van isn't so strong. It's nice to not suck against them though.
  6. Oh. GAWD. You are asking for punishment. Brutal.
  7. Mmmm. Long season ahead still. Actually, short season ahead. He is usually a minus player or close it. We shall see.
  8. Just want to say... FIFTY ONE PERCENT in the circle. YEEEEEHAAAAA!!!!
  9. Ha. I am so excited. LOL. I was looking at the wrong side. Hooray!
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