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  1. Last year from Feb 1st - Feb 23rd we played 10 games. Record was 4W & 6L. CJ was fired on Feb 23. This was after a 12 pt Jan. This year we 0W & 5L. Went to the luggage shop yesterday and bought two suit cases. One for MB and one for DD. Hope they get the hint? It's not that I do not love both of them, it is just that I....... want them to leave town preferably today!! New cake needs to be mixed but I would prefer we use new tools to mix the batter!!!!!
  2. Wow! This is a terrible start for sure! I realize that last year was a Cinderella story but man the glass slippers have been stolen! There is nothing positive about this team at this time. The breakout plays are brutal due to terrible passing and major turnovers. There is no action in the dirty areas and no one is making that big charge to the net like we saw from Caufield last year? The defence pairings are not compatible and the Savard that I saw play for the Lightning last year is no where on the ice? The dicipline is rediculous and being created by feet stuck to the ice. I really feel sorry for Allen. The guy plays his heart out like last year with no support from his team mates. If there is a bright spot on this team right now it has to be Allen. Not sure who is responsible for special teams but I think Mrs. Bibaud could do a much better job. Hopefully the current special teams coach knows how to play the organ. We as fans cannot do anything about what is taking place on the ice but the players and coaches can. The responsibility of who is on the ice goes to MB and we all have very little faith in this guy. The buck stops at the coaching level when it comes time to apply the talent in the room to the ice surface and right now they are lost! This is a disaster! I really do not want to pound this drum this early in the season but last year I said over and over that DD was in way over his head and I really had no faith in his coaching abilities. I was disappointed when MB signed him but that is typical MB.There is a nucleus of good talent in the room but I feel he does not have the ability to bring that talent to the ice. Even his postgame interviews are brutal. His responses make no sense and at times he does not even respond to the question that was asked! Well we welcome KK back to the forum tomorrow night and although he does not have a point in two games he will do his best to start his season rolling against his old team mates I am sure. Hopefully this dismal start is over and there is a direction change tomorrow although I have my doubts.
  3. Perfect assessment! Do not recall any team starting a season so poorly prepared! Right now they are brutal and if they are depending on ther current backup to help Allen then we are in real trouble. This guy is not an NHL goalie. His perfromance in Buffalo was Jr "A" grade. KK will be in town on Thurs.
  4. Great post RCAF!!! Very well written!
  5. This was a huge mistake by Bergevin. Not sure what the attraction was here for this player but the fact that MB went after him even though he pulled himself from the proceedings is a terrible decision on behalf of the franchise. Logan made the right move by removing himself and then MB shines a very negative light on the situation by drafting him? This young man made a serious mistake and will carry that on his shoulders for some time. But more importantly the young lady has been thrown into the spotlight once again by this choice. It is a tough road for any drafted player to make an NHL team.This young man will carry this situation forward with him along with the may hurdles already in place and the young lady will a major part of that. Very bad decision! If I were Molson this would be enough for me to end all ties with Bergevin. The franchise just finished a fairy tale journey through the playoffs and in doing so picked up a lot of fans that had ignored this franchise over the years. Then this takes place and covers the franchise with a very black cloud. This young player is talented but was he worth all of the negativity and outrage now being created. I am sure from his point of view he was not in favour of this and Montreal has now put both he and the young lady into a situation they would both rather not be in. I feel sorry for both of them. He made a mistake and he has to own that by making ammends to the young lady and her family as well as his family and all those directly affected by this choice he made two years ago. He made the right choice originally and Montreal made the wrong choice! I wish them both the best moving forward.
  6. Have to agree! What an embarassment by the commissioner! What was even a bigger embarrassment was the interview by Kucherov! What a classless individual! To appear on TV in that manner and then run down the Habs fans was uncalled for. He should be fined by the NHL and for the interview to have even been shown was a joke. It is unfortunate that Bettman is a huge supporter of this type of BS. The NHL is looking more like the WWF every year! He needs to be replaced and has outrun his tenure. As far as the Habs go they finished off a season that none of us expected. They never gave up and had they started the series playing like they did in games 4&5 who knows what may have happened? As a Habs fan I am very proud of the manner in which they showed up for the playoffs and the way in which they never quit. They showed a lot of grit for an 18th place team and they were just simply outplayed and out coached in the Finals. The summer will be interesting and I am sure that DD & MB will retain their positions for next season. Not sure if I totally agree but that conversation is for another day. Congrats to the Habs for giving us some great entertainment during the playoffs and the finals. They showed real grit and never gave up! The young stars showed up to play despite their lack of experience at that level and show real promise to the future of the team.
  7. Hard to understand why the team is so deflated in the finals? There is no sync on the ice and considering they made it to the finals one would think they would be really anxiuos to take advantage of this incredible opportunity? However that being said they are playing a great hockey team here. There are no weak spots in this team from the goalie right through to the coach and GM. This is one solid franchise that is always in the hunt year after year. Game #2 was our best effort and they still won due to huge mistakes and turnovers. Those mistakes have been highly eveident in every game and is the main reason for the situation we are now in. Thise mistakes were not there in the previous three rounds. They have a very quick transition and when you turn the puck over they are all over it. Very proud of the Habs performance to get here but very disappointed in their effort in the finals for sure. Not sure what the answer is but being on the verge of elimination in four straight I would put everthing but the kitchen sink into game four!
  8. They also said that Montreal has not won a game in Tampa Bay since 2017!
  9. To all of my fellow crow eaters! As stated above I have to agree! This is the miracle on 1909, Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montreal. We have through the season bashed just about everyone on the team from the top down. I myself through the frustration of the season played a major role here. However here we are in the 2021 Stanley Cup Finals. The fact that we still have all of the Lazy-Boy coaches discussing what is good and not so good is well .....it is somewhat hilarious.Not sure what is taking place with this team right now but I for one am enjoying every day and as I watch the games I am at a loss to describe what is taking place on the ice. The determination and will to overcome the odds by these guys has created one of the biggest story in the NHL over the past 20 years! There has been a lot of credit given to the "big four" and the young guns and rightfully so. However this is a team sport and everyone on this team including the trainers is reponsible for the results to this point. They realise they are four games away from doing what no other Canadian team has done since 1993 and that was the Canadiens. I am so looking forward to this series and should this determined will to win continue all of us will be very proud of this team as will all of Canada. So let's keep the positive thoughts and positive energy focused on the Habs as they continue on this magical run in the playoffs. Being a fan for the last 76 years I am at a loss for words with their stellar play in the playoffs. My arm is very sore from pinching it to make sure I am not in some sort of hockey fantasy! LOL!!!! Go Habs Go! PS: Had my crow dinner last night. Baked with a wine sauce, feathers and all. Not doing that again!!
  10. Bottom line was that we were the better team in the series. However the blunder by Fleury sure provided that positive bounce that is sometimes needed to secure the win.
  11. Have to agree. We had some incredible chances but could not finish? The game should never have gone to OT. I thought they played really well and came out strong compared to game three. That was a big game to win as now we have best two out of three and two games in Vegas. The Stahl/Perry line still making things happen when on the ice and they had a number of opportunities to score but could not finish. Price was incredible and cannot be faulted for the two goals. This team has dug down in the first two series and I do not expect anything different from them. Tues game is big and they need to bring this back to the Bell Centre one up. It will be great to not have the two idiots in the striped shirts! They were brutal lasy night. If this is the best of the officials in the NHL then the league is in trouble. Wow they were a disgace to the position and should be removed from any further games this year. Suzuki & Caufield are sure working well together and are looking a lot like the Matthews/Mariner duo only better! Go Habs Go! Lets win this in Montreal on Thurs night!!!
  12. Because he is a troll from the Leafs forum.
  13. I agree! Pretty classy move on behalf of Molson.
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