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  1. Great post RCAF!!! Very well written!
  2. This was a huge mistake by Bergevin. Not sure what the attraction was here for this player but the fact that MB went after him even though he pulled himself from the proceedings is a terrible decision on behalf of the franchise. Logan made the right move by removing himself and then MB shines a very negative light on the situation by drafting him? This young man made a serious mistake and will carry that on his shoulders for some time. But more importantly the young lady has been thrown into the spotlight once again by this choice. It is a tough road for any drafted player to make an NHL team.This young man will carry this situation forward with him along with the may hurdles already in place and the young lady will a major part of that. Very bad decision! If I were Molson this would be enough for me to end all ties with Bergevin. The franchise just finished a fairy tale journey through the playoffs and in doing so picked up a lot of fans that had ignored this franchise over the years. Then this takes place and covers the franchise with a very black cloud. This young player is talented but was he worth all of the negativity and outrage now being created. I am sure from his point of view he was not in favour of this and Montreal has now put both he and the young lady into a situation they would both rather not be in. I feel sorry for both of them. He made a mistake and he has to own that by making ammends to the young lady and her family as well as his family and all those directly affected by this choice he made two years ago. He made the right choice originally and Montreal made the wrong choice! I wish them both the best moving forward.
  3. Have to agree! What an embarassment by the commissioner! What was even a bigger embarrassment was the interview by Kucherov! What a classless individual! To appear on TV in that manner and then run down the Habs fans was uncalled for. He should be fined by the NHL and for the interview to have even been shown was a joke. It is unfortunate that Bettman is a huge supporter of this type of BS. The NHL is looking more like the WWF every year! He needs to be replaced and has outrun his tenure. As far as the Habs go they finished off a season that none of us expected. They never gave up and had they started the series playing like they did in games 4&5 who knows what may have happened? As a Habs fan I am very proud of the manner in which they showed up for the playoffs and the way in which they never quit. They showed a lot of grit for an 18th place team and they were just simply outplayed and out coached in the Finals. The summer will be interesting and I am sure that DD & MB will retain their positions for next season. Not sure if I totally agree but that conversation is for another day. Congrats to the Habs for giving us some great entertainment during the playoffs and the finals. They showed real grit and never gave up! The young stars showed up to play despite their lack of experience at that level and show real promise to the future of the team.
  4. Hard to understand why the team is so deflated in the finals? There is no sync on the ice and considering they made it to the finals one would think they would be really anxiuos to take advantage of this incredible opportunity? However that being said they are playing a great hockey team here. There are no weak spots in this team from the goalie right through to the coach and GM. This is one solid franchise that is always in the hunt year after year. Game #2 was our best effort and they still won due to huge mistakes and turnovers. Those mistakes have been highly eveident in every game and is the main reason for the situation we are now in. Thise mistakes were not there in the previous three rounds. They have a very quick transition and when you turn the puck over they are all over it. Very proud of the Habs performance to get here but very disappointed in their effort in the finals for sure. Not sure what the answer is but being on the verge of elimination in four straight I would put everthing but the kitchen sink into game four!
  5. They also said that Montreal has not won a game in Tampa Bay since 2017!
  6. To all of my fellow crow eaters! As stated above I have to agree! This is the miracle on 1909, Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montreal. We have through the season bashed just about everyone on the team from the top down. I myself through the frustration of the season played a major role here. However here we are in the 2021 Stanley Cup Finals. The fact that we still have all of the Lazy-Boy coaches discussing what is good and not so good is well .....it is somewhat hilarious.Not sure what is taking place with this team right now but I for one am enjoying every day and as I watch the games I am at a loss to describe what is taking place on the ice. The determination and will to overcome the odds by these guys has created one of the biggest story in the NHL over the past 20 years! There has been a lot of credit given to the "big four" and the young guns and rightfully so. However this is a team sport and everyone on this team including the trainers is reponsible for the results to this point. They realise they are four games away from doing what no other Canadian team has done since 1993 and that was the Canadiens. I am so looking forward to this series and should this determined will to win continue all of us will be very proud of this team as will all of Canada. So let's keep the positive thoughts and positive energy focused on the Habs as they continue on this magical run in the playoffs. Being a fan for the last 76 years I am at a loss for words with their stellar play in the playoffs. My arm is very sore from pinching it to make sure I am not in some sort of hockey fantasy! LOL!!!! Go Habs Go! PS: Had my crow dinner last night. Baked with a wine sauce, feathers and all. Not doing that again!!
  7. Bottom line was that we were the better team in the series. However the blunder by Fleury sure provided that positive bounce that is sometimes needed to secure the win.
  8. Have to agree. We had some incredible chances but could not finish? The game should never have gone to OT. I thought they played really well and came out strong compared to game three. That was a big game to win as now we have best two out of three and two games in Vegas. The Stahl/Perry line still making things happen when on the ice and they had a number of opportunities to score but could not finish. Price was incredible and cannot be faulted for the two goals. This team has dug down in the first two series and I do not expect anything different from them. Tues game is big and they need to bring this back to the Bell Centre one up. It will be great to not have the two idiots in the striped shirts! They were brutal lasy night. If this is the best of the officials in the NHL then the league is in trouble. Wow they were a disgace to the position and should be removed from any further games this year. Suzuki & Caufield are sure working well together and are looking a lot like the Matthews/Mariner duo only better! Go Habs Go! Lets win this in Montreal on Thurs night!!!
  9. Because he is a troll from the Leafs forum.
  10. I agree! Pretty classy move on behalf of Molson.
  11. Wow! Incredible performance by a group of guys we all had concerns about over the season! Our top four dmen despite all out criticisms were great!!! Our so called senior citizens including Stahl brought their experience to the dressing room and the ice. I am still in somewhat of a shocked state in regards to what just took place. For this group of guys to win seven in a row after watching them trip over the blueline and stumble into the playoffs is amazing. Every member of this team deserves a great deal of credit for reaching deep and making believers out of all of us. It has been said many times that the North division is the weakest link in the NHL this season and the winner has no chance of getting past the semis. Six weeks ago I would agree but if this team can continue with this type of determination and resilience the Habs could be a contender. They have not faced any of the teams in the US so there is no current detail to strengths and weaknesses in the match-ups but I have been watching the games and they will be a handful no matter whether it is Vegas or Colorado. Hats off to a great effort by the Habs who have won the North Divsion and made it to the final four. They can use the rest and then focus on the next series. There are a number of us who are eating crow right now and I am one of them. I have been a fan for 74 years and have never been as vocal about the team as I have this year. Not enjoying the crow but I am elated about the performance of the Canadiens in eliminating the billionaires in TO and the high flying Jets in four. Eliminating the Leafs to me is the same as winning the Stanley Cup. They are the most highly over rated team in the league which is created by the writers, press and supported by the fact that four guys make up 50% of their cap. Great effort and as a fan I am elated but somewhat mystified in regards to their performance so far in the playoffs. Let's keep the faith and cheer them on to the finals. GO HABS GO!!!!
  12. Wow that was spectacular! I know we have all been frustrated with the team over the season and have at times been pretty vocal about Price, Dmen, Danault etc. I am not sure what took place after game #4 but there had to be some soul searching and deep looks into the mirror because this team really showed their colors in games 5-7. They looked good in game #1 but then they slipped into that mode we have seen over the season but what a resergence. The top four dmen that we all had doubts about were studs in this series. They pounded the shit out of the Leaf's forwards, blocked a lot of scoring opportunities and in game #6 they were incredible as they carried the load despite a lot of criticism by the writers and broadcasters. The young players worked very well with the vets and the vets were the leaders for sure. A lot was said about Perry but he has been a leader on the ice and is playing like he did last year. I thought the captain was 10 steps better than he was all year and showed why he is wearing the "C". I have been critical of KK over the season but he played very well in this series as did all of the young guns. What can we say about #31! As I posted a few days ago I do not beleive that there is a goalie in th NHL that has won more games for his team than Price. He can now add four more to his total and he has been nothing short of spectacular! When he is focused like he has been there is no one better. During the season he was very lathargic and looked like he was not in the game. Not sure if the major change is due to Burke or the fact that he may have been playing hurt. That rest before the playoffs sure made a difference and he is once again the Price we loved to watch. We are where we are due to his stellar play. I know we have all been down on Danault but this guy is my hero! He just shut down Matthews and it was nice to see Matthews acknowledge his efforts in the hand shake line. He did not score any goals but what he did defensively was outstanding! Overall this was a major team effort and everyone contributed to the end result. Well we are off to Winnipeg and the well rested Jets. The Habs will have their hands full again as this team is in my opinion a much better team than TO. No matter what happens eliminating the Leafs created a smile on my face that will cannot be removed. The Habs have proven us all wrong in this series and they can play the game when they are focused and determined to work together. Let's keep the faith, not be as critical and maybe just maybe we will represent the North division in the Semi's. Nothing makes me happier than to see the Leaf's once again eliminated. Dubas will now have to find a couple more 50 million dollar players to see if next year will be the year they get past round one. Go Habs Go!!
  13. Have to agree!!! This BS!!! I cannot cross the border and not have quarantine when I return why in hell should the NHL teams? If this does get approved there will a major outcry I am sure. Next will be the Blue Jays! These teams can cross with no quarantine but the retailers have to remain closed until Jun15th? The fact that health care workers would go and flaunt the fact that they are there is concerning. They know what they have been through and to accept this while people are still on respirators and dying is not right! I am not saying they should not be rewarded but the timing here is wrong! Ford is insane and will do whatever he has to to retain votes. Well mine will not be one of them for sure. Does this rule if approved apply to all millionaires who do not play hockey?
  14. Hey guys it is really nice to reminisce about the past and possibly why the team is in the current position and where we may have been better had different choices been made. However that is all speculation at best. I feel the acquisition of Price was a good one and agree with Big Ted that the problem was not being able to build a good team around him. CP over the years he has been in Montreal has probably won more games on his performance than any other goalie in the league due to that fact. Yes he is in the twilight of his career but he can still play the game as being shown now in the playoffs. He let in a bad goal on Thurs which tied the game but if not for his stellar play there would not have been an OT. The team had a few really bad sections in that game but he kept the team in the game. The biggest problem we have had over the years in my opinion is coaching. We are always re-cycling the throw aways and due to this French speaking requirement (if that is true?) it narrows the search considerably. Not sure why this would be a requirement as all of the reporters I am sure these days speak English and with today's outlook on hiring preferences dealing with nationalities and language this could be contentious. The last great coach we have had was Scotty Bowman and then Alan Vigneault. Alan is still rated #10 in the league with Trotz & Cooper rated #1 & #2. This is just another example of the reign under MB. There are two guys that have full control of Montreal. Molson is Owner, President & CEO. Bergevin is Executive VP & Gen Mgr. Molson has shown over the years his total lack of knowledge when it comes to the sport and as a result MB is the guy making all the calls. He fired CJ in Feb and moved DD to head coach. Was this a good move? Not in my opinion even though I thought a change was necessary. You cannot have great results when you use a bingo machine each game to see who is playing with who! Chemistry needs to be built over time and players being constantly being moved around will never acheive that goal. We have a much better team than last year but it is not showing to date on the ice? He is not a motivator! Last year we eliminated Pittsburgh and went to game six against Philly. Not sure what will happen this summer however I feel that should we win this series against TO there will be no changes made. If we lose then maybe but with the way the management is set for this team MB is not going to fire himself. The past is the past and this franchise has to move on. Watching this team and re-writing all of the posts we have read here for the next 5 years is unsatisfactory and it is time for Montreal to move out of building these middle of the pack teams. This will not happen under MB. Just another post from a loyal supporter who is toally frustrated with this franchise like we all are. I know these posts do nothing to make changes but they do help to post them as it is cheaper than buting a new flatscreen every week! Wish them well tonight with fans in the building and would love to see this go to game seven. Go Habs Go!
  15. Well I was one of the many that figured we were done last night. I was really suprised at the effort, focus and determination they actually showed. If that was present in games 2,3, & 4 this series would be over. There were some bad sections but overall nice a nice dertermined effort to produce a win!! I know it is asking for a lot but it would be nice to see them even the series on Sat!
  16. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/sports/nhl/what-the-puck-storm-clouds-on-horizon-for-bergevins-canadiens/ar-AAKpWYA?ocid=msedgntp Good report and hits the nail on the head!
  17. The problem was not Julien as much as I felt a change was necessary. Julien would not be playing with the lines like DD is that is for sure. DD is not the coach for this team and MB is totally responsible for the mess on the ice. However that being said Toffoli, Anderson and Allen were great additions. DD or MB whoever decided to not play the youth is a huge mistake. I will take Romanov over Merril, and Stahl should be counting shots from the press box. We could have the top six forwards in the NHL on this team right now but DD could not handle and although Julien has the experience his old style of coaching cannot handle today's style of hockey.
  18. There has been a lot of discussion over the season about the "D" problems and I agree that out defence corp is very weak. I also agree that Weber is plying much better now that he has been dropped in the rotations. However D men are going to make mistakes now and then and right now they are being pressured due to fact that we have no offence. That creates more pressure on the defence to try and be perfect. Our offence is terrible even Toffoli & Anderson are not in the game? Shooting from 48' is not going to produce any goals unless there are guys in front of the net to create interference with Campbell. This team right now is totally lost and DD is creating a lot of the problems with line experimentation especially during the playoffs; Canadiens’ Ducharme must stop line experimentation in critical Game 4 (msn.com) This season is over and one of the worst we have had. Despite the fact that there is some good talent on this club the three so called coaches behind the bench are of no value to this team. Price has been really great in the playoffs and once agin he has nothing to work with. Campbell has looked much better than he should due to fact that the Habs cannot generate any valued scoring opportunities. I have had it with this team management and the poor choices for coaching. My wish is that Molson would sell the team to someone who cares. My wish is that when this series ends Thursday the next news out of Montreal is that MB, DD, Burrows & Richardson are packing their bags.
  19. Have to agree on the referee situation that was as bad as I have seen in a while! Four coaches (including DD) have gome on record so far complaining of the poor officiating across the league. No fines yet however they may be coming. It is one thing to miss the odd call but last night was a disaster. I know when we lose we always have a tendancy to run down the offciating but this time there is a lot of support. The goal tender interference call originated by our illustrious GM was really stupid! There was no interference on that goal and Price would have been the first to object. The cross checking penalty by KK that lead to a goal..I wonder if the stick had not broken would they have called? Probably not. The stick broke way up near the top? How about the sucker punch by Simmonds...no call? With six minutes left what in the world was DD thinking when he pulled Price? Really? If our PP was #1 in the league probably a good coaching move. But we are not there! How many great opportunities did that produce? Very poor effort for the last 40 minutes and playing short handed for 8 minutes in the second did not help. Those four penalties just killed the effort. In two games we have scored three goals and that is a major concern which has haunted this team for the last month. #11 has not been in either game and #17 & #73 were also absent? I thought KK played a good game last night as did BC. He was the ony dman that was active and seemed to be focused. Everyone else was AWOL! As i have said before this team will forever remain a medicore team until major changes are made at the top. If MB and DD remain in their positions we can look forward to another 4-5 years of us continually sitting here and posting the same old rhetoric about the Habs. This team is much better than we saw last night but is being handled very poorly right now by two guys who are fighting for contract extensions and job security. Other teams in the league are now interviewing some of the available personnel to change up their management duties with far less problems than we have. When we finish this series Molson will once again hand MB an extension and then MB will hire DD to carry on the great tradition that Montreal has had over the past ten years.A once revered franchise which has now become a middle of the entire NHL medicocre boring hockey team. Oh well all we can do is post our disatisfaction here on the forum like we know what we are talking about and continue to watch our Habs flounder around like a fish out of water. Very disappointing and frustrating year after year. Maybe we should give Babcock or Tort a try behind the bench and hire Meuller as GM? Just a thought. With B2B coming up (the only one in the entire league schedule) it will be interesting to see what the real coach (MB) will do in regards to line formation and goal tending duties? I think that has already been answered!
  20. Not quite sure that still exists?
  21. Between the second & third period last night Friedman indicated that contract talks are underway between Molson & Bergevin. I sure hope that Molson does not continue along the path of mediocre teams with MB. This team needs a Spring cleaning and MB has to go in order for that be initiated. Under DD we have a record of 15-21-6. Not impressive and a lot of his game decisions are puzzling to say the least. He came from behind the bench but his lack of knowledge gained there was highly evident since Feb 25th. Our team played pretty well against the Leafs and the 3W-7L does not paint a true picture of the games played. Last night's effort was good for 40 min and with a banged up line up it could have gone either way. I am sure Allen would love to have the first goal back and once again our "D" was brutal. Right now all we have is Petry & Kulak who are putting in the effort. Suzuki played another strong game and since his break out from the slump he has been really good. As I have posted before I feel KK has hit the wall. I hope I am wrong but I do not see him getting any better than he is right now. He has played 169 games with the Habs and has 22 goals, 40 assists for 62 points and is currently at -10 career wise. His last five games have been pointless and he has had 8 shots on net? I am not a big fan of KK and if I am wrong I will have to eat crow but I just do not see this player being able to free himself from the bubble he is in. I have posted this before in regards to second offence opportunities. I counted last night and Campbell gives up a lot of huge rebounds. There were 12 opportunities last night and not one of them resulted in a second chance to score. There is never anyone in position to make that happen. Is is almost like this system DD has is that once the shot is taken get back on defence? Gallagher when playing takes advantage of a lot of those rebounds but it seems he is the only one? Lecky scored on one of those opportunities in the Thurs game but last night nothing? We have the Oilers for our last two games this week and I am sure we will not see any of the IR guys back till playoffs. These last two games will determine how we enter the playoffs against ?. With the Jets in a downward spiral there is still an opportunity although small to finish third. The play of the Jets over the past few weeks has been a real suprise? I had picked them to be the best of our division at one point. I would prefer the Oilers simply because they do not have the depth TO has however in any case the team that played May 3rd is the team that needs to show up. I am hoping for a long run in the playoffs and I would like nothing more that having the Habs erase the smile on Dubas's face, and replace the wink from Mariner with a black eye! Regardless of who wins in the North they will not bring the cup to Canada.
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