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  1. Disappointment or not, how many people here honestly think that Chicago did NOT improve by trading for Sekac?
  2. This is one player who I actually think belongs in the doghouse. He hasn't really done anything of note. His absence wasn't really felt until he came back... That make's a nice nick name.
  3. Definitely Something Putrid happening here.
  4. Reflect? Prust - G 4; A 9; Pts 13 Bournival - G 2; A 2; Pts 6 Manny Mo - G 0; A 1; Pts 1 Thomas - G 1; A 0; Pts 1 Sekac - G 7; A 9; Pts 16 Weise - G 9; A 14; Pts 23 Looks like a few other players deserve to be sat in the pressbox ahead of Sekac and "reflect". I know Weise currently has more points. But the difference isn't that huge. Considering that Weise has had quality time on the top line (PP and OT as well), one has to wonder if a stint on the top line for Sekac would not serve better than a stint in the pressbox.
  5. Yeah, I think this is what we actually expected Vanek to be like last season.
  6. I think he would look better alongside Chucky. That could be our new Dynamic Duo.
  7. Hey mods, shouldn't he be with the regular players?
  8. I was gonna say that too, but then I was remembering, aren't women officers in the navy called "sir" or something?
  9. Trade his rights to Minny for Moulson's rights.
  10. Contract talks aside, if he is playing hurt then he is dragging this team down and needs to sit.
  11. That is just all kinds of awesome!
  12. I know he has been compared alot to Kovalev. But I think that that comparison is unfair to Kovalev. The way Kovalev played was to keep the puck and turn opponents insideout. The way Vanek plays is like the puck is a hot potato and he wants nothing to do with it. I can't understand how this guy got all those points all these years. I mean, he must have had to take at least a couple of shots on net, right? Why can't/doesn't he shoot on net anymore?
  13. But that's the way things go. It's always about "what have you done for me lately?". No one is saying to let Weaver go because he has been consistent and playing well. Vanek, for being a high profile player, hasn't really done much. I do feel that Vanek is a good player, but I also don't think that Vanek fits well with our team. I think someone like Matt Moulson would have been a better fit. I guess we'll see how things shake out over the summer.
  14. This guy is a puzzle to me. When I watch him sometimes he looks as slow as Murray, and sometimes he looks as fast as Weise. Sometimes he plays as soft as (pre-playoffs) Bourque, and sometimes he uses his body like Emelin. But at least his hockey IQ is consistent.
  15. And do you have faith in MT to do this?
  16. Isn't that essentially what we did when we drafted McCarron last draft?
  17. You're probably right. If it were involving more of an established player I probably wouldn't be on this rant.
  18. I thought the minimum was $525,000? That's a bit different than $625,000. I guess in terms of NHL salaries $100,000 is not that much. But when it comes to negotiating with upcoming FAs $100,000 here or there could make a difference in bargaining. Or am I just splitting hairs?
  19. When a trade is made it is usually to get immediate help, or to acquire a young prospect who has some potential. Anything outside of this makes no sense whatsoever. Lets not forget that while this guy is not exactly "old", but by NHL standards, he's not really "young" either. So, I ask again, what value does he really add to our team? Some have said that he's going to be a bench-rider, but then did you really need to extend a guy for 2 years to sit on the bench? Some say he's to go the minors as a "vet". Really? Why pay this guy anything more than the minimum then? It looks to me that the signs seem to point to MB liking this guy in our lineup.
  20. I don't know, I'm confused....Did anyone else see anything about this guy that warranted a re-upping?
  21. I have more fun watching the games when Gallagher has the puck. So Gallagher for me.
  22. Neal - the guy's a scoring machine Nash - another great scorer Sharp - I like his game Tavares - great player
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