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  1. How does that conversation even go? "Hey kid, we really like all those goals you've scored and think you can bring that to a league with more skill" doesn't seem appropriate. I don't get it
  2. Limited to 9 minutes of ice time as of ~5 min left in third period tonight. Terrible. No excuse for this to have gone on for as many years unchecked as it has. There's no way a bunch of fans on a forum see something that management can't. So tired of Therrien and his...illogical decisions.
  3. I was glad to see Gio put some away. It's a good thing for everyone to be scoring goals heading into the playoffs.
  4. My major fear at this point is that we've put all our eggs into one basket with Desharnais and Pacioretty. One line is easy enough to contain in a seven game series, and I would like to see some team-wide chemistry built with regards to Vanek as the season winds down, so that we can successfully shake up lines when we inevitably need to.
  5. Where do you folks get the advanced stats that are so often cited on this forum? I've looked around a bit (halfheartedly) and haven't really seen a definitive hockey stats website.
  6. I don't mean to be a hater here, but what do you really expect him to say when he, you know, is asked a question by a mob of reporters immediately after losing and playing quite poorly in the recent past? "I thought we played great", wouldn't really work given the scoreboard..."banana creme pie" wouldn't make much sense (tasty a statement as it may be), and it would be quite incendiary for him to throw someone under the bus and say something like, "...but coach wasn't matching lines very well, and Carey looked like Swiss cheese". So that leaves things like: "I’ve been through enough (to know) you can’t just show up in Game 1 of the playoffs and think ‘now I’m going to start playing, now our team’s going to click.’ That doesn’t work. We have to make sure we’re prepared this week and have the effort. If we get scored on, so what? We have to bounce back and have that championship mentality.” Problem identified, potential future implications of problem (regarding playoffs) identified, personal accountability, and then solution identified. If you maintain skepticism that he'll do it - that's cool, I get it. But sports media isn't really going to give us any sort of insight into...anything. At least so far as I have seen during my time on Earth. So there's no point hating him for what he said /end rant
  7. Can we expect him back for the last two games of the regular season (to get in shape a bit) and the first round? We could really use him. And it would be nice since he would have three weeks of rest and be fresh.
  8. You appear to have been right, good sir. He is back on the bench. Hooray.
  9. I hope I'm wrong, but something tells me Mara is injured after that fight. He stopped the fight mid-way through after initiating, and left the ice to the locker immediately after. I hope I'm wrong, but that's not good...
  10. And he has an awesome beard which undoubtedly inspires the youth of our team to be manly. I know it makes me feel like I should go put on some flannel and chop some trees down in a forest.
  11. This. And he drew a double minor...oh wait, that was a regular minor. Anyway, I'm fine with him being in the lineup for now over Picard and the like.
  12. I don't know if anybody else noticed it, but Halpern made an incredible "save" on a wraparound attempt which would otherwise have been successful since Carey was stuck on the far side of the net. It was pretty early on, and I'm not sure how he played the rest of the game...but credit where credit is due.
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