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    Taiji,woodcarving,the Habs

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  1. Thanks for the welcome guys,I'm looking forward to talking with you all
  2. Hi guy's,I'm here in Ireland and I love watch'n the Habs,the home games are the best to watch,the atmosphere seem's to a be lot more intense,some of the other stadiums are like grave yards in comparison,one of the things on my "before I die" list,is to watch a match at the Bell centre,fingers crossed.
  3. I saw Rango with the wife and kid's, I think I got more out of it then the kid's.7-10
  4. I love watchin hockey,but, without the habs it's just not the same!!!!

    1. hogflem


      It's kinda hard to get excited at the prospect of watching the red wings or the bruins!!!



      Ya! That's exactly how I feel!

  5. Three Jack Russells,Buck,Ed,Conan and a cat called Jess and all the wild birds in the back yard we can feed...
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