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  1. So I'm 36,000 feet in the air, en route back to Afghanistan. Got wifi in the plane and I'm hoping for a win tonight! I'll be following the thread!
  2. This guy can't catch a break. Get well soon Max, if anyone can get through it it's you.
  3. Great play by Bourque. Awesome shot block earlier in the play by Diaz, too. I LOVE seeing us capitalizing.
  4. hahaha I love Markov. Also, Diaz looked good on that as well.
  5. I thought Bourque looked good, skating like he means it and finishing hits hard. I like Prust with the youngin's. Glad to see Gionta and Markov put up points, good to have em back. So far so good!
  6. I live in New England. I could buy season tickets with the Panthers, fly down every time they play Montreal this year, and save money.....
  7. Now all we need to do is play like this for the entire game..
  8. I have a feeling we see the hotter side of our #27 tonight. I think we'll see him playing like he's got something to prove.
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