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  1. So I'm 36,000 feet in the air, en route back to Afghanistan. Got wifi in the plane and I'm hoping for a win tonight! I'll be following the thread!
  2. This guy can't catch a break. Get well soon Max, if anyone can get through it it's you.
  3. Great play by Bourque. Awesome shot block earlier in the play by Diaz, too. I LOVE seeing us capitalizing.
  4. hahaha I love Markov. Also, Diaz looked good on that as well.
  5. I thought Bourque looked good, skating like he means it and finishing hits hard. I like Prust with the youngin's. Glad to see Gionta and Markov put up points, good to have em back. So far so good!
  6. I live in New England. I could buy season tickets with the Panthers, fly down every time they play Montreal this year, and save money.....
  7. Now all we need to do is play like this for the entire game..
  8. I have a feeling we see the hotter side of our #27 tonight. I think we'll see him playing like he's got something to prove.
  9. Yes! Arrived home from my tour in Afghanistan this morning, can't wait to go home and watch this game! (And see my family)
  10. Haha amen to that. Hey, how's Gally look?
  11. Holy good god Nashville matched the offer sheet. Good for them.
  12. What term would you guys like to see PK sign? Just curious.
  13. I thought the same thing about Kane. I could live with that term but it might be difficult to pull off. Trust me I love PK and I think he could have an outstanding future here, I'd hate to see him go. But I have a hard time arguing with someone of Ed's position. Keep our fingers crossed that PK doesn't want to go anywhere.
  14. Our entire conversation was wrapped around Montreal.
  15. For those of you who read in on my last post, you'll know who I'm referring to when I say my neighbor has let me in on some insider info. It was quick but not very subtle. I was driving my new sport bike home from work and going real slow past his house (camp road), and he saw my license plate 'habsftw'. He flagged me down and cracked a few jokes but then, with a very serious look on his face, he goes "I hope you're not a Subban fan, he's being shopped pretty damn hard". I didn't get the feeling that he was pulling my chain either. I'll also mention last time he talked to me he told me to expect a Kane in Red White and Blue. I'm imagining he's talking about Evander and not Patrick, as it's far more realistic.
  16. As much as you guys rip on Eklund, I actually like the guy. He knows his stuff, especially habs-related stuff. He does a good job of gathering information and sharing with us potential trades and signings that might go down. Sure, they dont all happen and some are ridiculous, but take this into consideration. 30 GMs all want to win the Stanley Cup and they all communicate much more than we think, so it's not his fault that every potential trade doesn't happen. As far as the ridiculous rumors, more often than not they don't happen but hey. Look who Gomez and Mcdonaugh are playing for. Gloss over the Suter and Parise terms, those ridiculous things actually land here and there. Just saying.
  17. True, it is. Yet he should definitely take this as a positive. He stepped up and he stepped up Big when we needed him. That was a huge step for his career. Nice to see him get a goal before he parts for a little while for sure. Hey, time and development can't hurt for a guy like Diaz, right?
  18. **scratches head** I think I'm actually okay with this..?
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