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  1. I gotta say I'm impressed and extremely satisfied with MB so far. He has showed both the strength and the intelligence to succeed at this level. The extra pick in this trade is probably his responsibility, and although it is not gonna change the face of the franchise, this is the kind of detail that makes a franchise successful.
  2. I really really really like this trade. Cole did great for us last season, but all and all, he's no better than Ryder. No better offensive upside (one is a good sniper, the other a decent power forward), both useless defensively. When we signed Cole we needed size up front, not urgent anymore. Cole absence won't hurt our most successful lines this season, and a sniper with Galchenyuk and Eller will further help their development and confidence. Truth to be told, both Cole and Ryder will only get worst with time, and in Ryder's case, we can dump him if we want, but we can probably sign him to a significant small amount compared to Cole's current contract (new CBA, new cap hit and Ryder already earns less than Erik). The 3rd pick is a bonus, not huge value but not useless as well. The way I see it, we traded an aging player (Cole) for another aging guy who should fit better in the short term (his type of game will fit our needs better, specially the PP), has less risk in the log term and still got a 3rd round pick in this years draft. From our standpoint, this is almost a steal.
  3. You are right, the Coyotes probably would not accept a swap between DD and Yandle. But I would still try something involving both players. Maybe DD + a 3rd round pick, or DD and a prospect. I still think would be a great trade.
  4. Looks like that the Yotes have Keith Yandle in the trading block, and that they want a 1st line centar for it. I would send DD. And you guys?
  5. Good signing for the wild. In 3 to 5 years they will be tough to beat.
  6. Well, I'm brazilian, I live now in Brazil and I've lived in and around MTL for a year (that's how I managed to like hockey and the habs ) So I'll try to give an "external opinion" on this. Mtl is a great place, BUT for someone coming from another country, is not really that special. Besides, for someone not interested in languages, the idea of facing people speaking french is not very attractive... But even if we do not consider this, like many have stated before, for a one year deal, the city has little influence. They travel nearly half the days of the season and therefore have no time to focus on enjoying the city or anything it can offer.
  7. The forwards, yes. The Ds, not so sure. We have Gorges and Subban, but to have a great PK we would need another shutdown D. Not sure markov will be able to take that role. But yes, our PK will probably be top 5.
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