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  1. Actually Max did say that he wanted to be traded out of Montreal. He stated in an interview that if Montreal asked him to give up the captaincy he would ask to be traded out of Montreal rather than give it up. https://www.tsn.ca/pacioretty-won-t-return-without-captaincy-1.1051464
  2. MB tried to trade PK to Edmonton but they baulked at the trade when MB asked for Leon Draisaitl as part of the deal
  3. There is a report that Patches has put his mansion up for sale, so the prospect of resigning him is non existent
  4. My dad and i believe that it has to do with Carey Price's knee, you know the one the Kreider took out in the playoffs. We believe that he needs to have surgery on it to repair some damaged ligaments or tendons( based on how he was moving from side to side in the crease) and that he is putting it off in hopes of it healing naturally.
  5. In order for this to be a true rebuild, we must first change the culture of this organization. It is time to get rid of the "must speak french" mentality when true habs fans care about winning and not what language the GM and Coach speak. By having this mentality you are limiting your options on who you can hire as a coach and GM, would you rather hire a coach/GM who would bring you a cup or several or would you rather hire a coach/GM that can speak the language.
  6. Shea Weber is going to be on the DL when the season starts with having right knee surgery and will be returning to the lineup in Dec, it sucks that the doctors couldn't repair the knee when he was getting his foot fixed. Article here https://www.tsn.ca/weber-has-knee-surgery-out-until-december-1.1131722
  7. I forget the guys name but he was on Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown on Monday talking about it
  8. It has been confirmed that Max Pacioretty has screwed himself out of being traded by asking for an 8yr deal at $8million per year contract extension
  9. Should have posted here first but i couldn't help but post in the "What Does A Bruins Cup Win Mean For Our Habs" thread first. Username: look to the left real name: Anthony Live: KW, ON Born: KW, ON Age: older than some, younger than others Favourite Current Hab: too many to choose Favourite All time Hab: that i have personally watched would be Patrick Roy
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