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  1. They've certainly managed to rediscover the forward gears on the Tank.
  2. Pretty much this. Carey's $ can be much better spent elsewhere, especially if Lindgren can add the physical and mental stamina required to play 50+ games at a solid, middle-of-the-league goaltending standard.
  3. Working.......working.......working..... Nope, there's nothing there.
  4. If the big team stinks after years of deals, drafts and contract negotiations.....if the farm team really stinks at the same time and the prospect cupboards are bare...... Nothing short of a full rebuild along with a house-clearance of (many) inept backroom staff will do.
  5. I see we're trading in the Panther for a Sherman. Never send an overblown armoured car when you need a real tank. #whowantstowinthelotteryanyway
  6. Sergachev back in the squad for me. I think he had the potential to transform the team going forward and I'm not convinced we traded him away for 100% hockey reasons.
  7. A road game effectively won by our AHL line in Calgary. One or two of our (much) more highly-paid players could learn something about hard work and its rewards from them at the moment.
  8. Loved the on-knees celebration....as much as I loved Petry waltzing through the Canucks to set up ND's first goal.
  9. We always get rolled by Chicago. Oh, wait.......
  10. Road opener, a skinny 19 year old playing big D minutes and we still find a win. None of the new kids being thrown under the bus by the bench boss.
  11. He needs to eat a load more pies before his body is in the shape needed to endure the D-man's regular NHL grind. 165 pounds???? I'm sure Uncle Shea is - genuinely - the best man in the NHL he could have as a provider of on-the-job mentoring and support.
  12. State of the Habs 2017/18? In a bit of a state. Swapping Radulov for Drouin isn't a bad move (although it cost us Sergachev) and Drouin still has room to grow further. GallyA staying with the club is also a win - perhaps we can employ a personal sports psychologist to work with him though? I still think we're light by one genuine top 6 forward. However, if we accept the limits on our offensive prowess, we're still 2 defenders short of the sort of top 4 we'd need to genuinely contend with it. Alzner in isolation isn't a low quality player at all, but we don't need a poor man's Shea Weber as well as the real Shea Weber in the same top 4. I still think this team, if healthy, will be in the playoffs. Unless Drouin and Gally A grow into 70 point+ quality players this season, I won't hold my breath for much in the way of post-season progress.
  13. He's currently making all facets of a defender's game look ridiculously easy. Pure class, without being flashy. Thanks Edmonton :-)
  14. Lots of effort, limiting the shot count and coming home with the points.
  15. Sweeping the Kings, who have a habit of being far too strong for smurf-like Eastern teams.
  16. It's weird - he looks like he has some sort of time dilation field working around him as he glides about, seeminlgy without much effort, but always seems to have so much time to glide about, control the puck, pick a pass or make space for a shot. The guy defines what being "a natural" is. Not sure if he'll accept any new contract offer we make him, but it's good to see a pure talent like this in the CH after all those years being a pain in Sabres colours!
  17. 6-6 is just heartbreaking. Let's hope the next wave of prospects light the Dogs up next season - would love to see Collberg come over next season and learn his North American rink craft.
  18. Excellent analysis - arguably a win/win trade for both sides but if Nash / Richards / Gaborik don't fire the Rangers to the Cup this coming year people will be saying that CBJ fleeced them big time.
  19. A 3rd line of Moen - Eller - AK will see a lot of minutes. It could be one of the best 3rd lines out there in terms of all-round "usability". AK really earned some credit , in my view, for his team play and work ethic last season. He's got a chance to really excel as a 3rd line star player, rather than disappoint as a 1st line scoring threat. Sure, $3.5m is a lot to pay for a 3rd liner.......but for a hit-leading, 40 point + 3rd liner who can fill in higher up, what would you have to pay on the market to replace it?
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