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  1. Good goal, great tenacity from Chucky......taking more and more responsibility as his confidence grows ?
  2. What’s the music the play after the Habs goals, I know they played it at the Playoffs last year?
  3. I like the new format, it's a lot fresher, and any specific player topics needing discussed, just open a new thread similar to the one for the Danault injury. Good job admin team ?
  4. I'm really looking forward to seeing how Sekac develops this season........I think with a little more game time with his line mates, we could be in for exciting things.
  5. Wow, awesome picture Beaubie. How many people are there? What grade of football is this? Looks like a great experience.
  6. Congratulations to your girl and her team mates, sounds like a pretty awesome season for them. Scoring 79 goals and losing only 4 goals in 19 games is a great achievement for them all. I bet your one proud mum.
  7. That's a shame but I guess it is what it is. Thanks for that.
  8. That is such a juvenile thing to do.........I love it!!!! This is still one of my favourite threads on here. never having been to North America (apart from in transit), it gives me such a kick to see pics of the place through the eyes of normal people (are you normal? ). Keep them coming.
  9. I will sometimes come on to the forum via my iphone, however when I bring it up on my browser the page is all distorted, and I have to click "Full English" version at the bottom of the page to resolve the problem. Because of this small inconvenience I'm reluctant to come on the forum whilst out and about. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can overcome this issue, or is there a separate App that will allow me to access the Forum without any issues? Cheers gang.
  10. Welcome Shane, looking forward to hearing about your trip and game experience come November.
  11. You win one of the four eggs........and you get to choose which one!!!! Great prize don't you think?
  12. False The poster below has at least one tatoo?
  13. False The poster below is a good swimmer
  14. The Biggest Habs Fan123 consider yourself encouraged!!!
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