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  1. kind of sad they are no more, although they hadn't made a good album sine 'whats the story-morning glory' only a few decent songs in the 2000's. their first 2 albums were excellent though
  2. i know NZ are an awesome team and have been for a long time but that sort of makes me hate them even more(like my hatred towards manchester united or the ny yankees) i can't deny that they're good but it doesn't mean i have to like them. i just find it funny how every time the world cup comes around they think its their god given right to win it and a team like france come along who are less talented but play with all there heart and bungle them out.(see 1999, 2007). anyway i don't really hate new zealander's, just their sports team, the oz-nz rivalry is quite a friendly one but i still get annoyed at all the nz expats here telling me how crap australia is compared to nz(even though scenery on the south island is amazing). where abouts in nz are you? what's the NHL coverage like over there? we usually get 4-5 live games week on pay tv here.
  3. being in oz i can only hope NZ choke as they have done in every world cup since 1987. every time the tournament rolls around they are clear favourites(except 2003, when england was) but they always trip up and i love it, because most new zealander's live in australia(i exaggerate a bit) and always complain about australia and tell us how nz is sooooo much better('why the hell don't you go back there' i often think). plus their team is very arrogant. honestly would be happy to see anyone bar them it, but i don't really like ireland or south africa. hoping for france, england, argentina, wales, tonga to do well, oh yeah and canada
  4. you seem to know good music when you here it, quality artists you've listed there. and yeah i've listened to the jicks, there no pavement but still pretty damn good. i must advise you to listen to deerhunter and 'homogenic' by bjork, some sounds that'll change your world
  5. saw two yesterday: The Tree of Life- 6.6/10 Senna- 8.0/10
  6. haven't really read any of this thread, but i plan to(so i can see what sort of music people are into and such). just thought i'd answer the initial question. fav musical artists: 1. Bjork 2. Deerhunter 3. Radiohead 4. Joy Division 5. Portishead 6. My Bloody Valentine 7. Pavement 8. Beck 9. Wu Tang Clan 10.Sufjan Stevens how many people on this site live in montreal? because from what i've heard it has one of the best music scenes in north america. plus canada in general seems to churn out some top notch artists: Arcade Fire The Rural Alberta Advantage Crystal Castles Caribou Japandroids Ladyhawke Neil Young etc.
  7. thanks, and yes i'm a massive radiohead fan, only deerhunter beat them imo(sorry a bit off topic for a habs board but oh well haha)
  8. hi all, i'm a hockey fan from brisbane, australia. when i traveled to canada and scandinavia in 2009 i fell in love with the game (i already had a reasonable knowledge of it to begin with). anyway i starting really following the habs in 2009-10 season and have since got myself a jersey and scarf, and plan to fly to montreal over the course of the coming season to see a game. its tough to find anyone interested in hockey down under so hence i've joined this website to discuss habs issues with people who are more than likely a bit more in the know than myself. anyway i look forward to discussing everything to do with the canadiens with you all.
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